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Quote: Originally Posted by ollineeba I think she actually used the word titer, now that I think about it. She cited the casinos (and the varied populations that they draw) as the reasoning for the requirement. Ummm...is your son doing a lot of gambling??? Sorry. Inappropriate TB testing is a pet peeve of mine.
Here's the thing- a T-score should not be looked at in someone who is pre-menopausal. Only a Z-score. (the Z score looks at age-matched normals). So, it sound like someone might have done a less-than-optimal job reading your scan in the first place. Make sure that if you have another one, it's being read by someone who knows what they're doing (preferable someone who is certified in clinical densitometry). ALSO- I'm not sure why a forearm Dexa was done. These...
Tiny amount of radiation- it's actually less radiation than you would get by taking a cross-country plane flight. The bigger question is- why are you getting the scan? There aren't a ton of indications for doing a scan in someone who is pre-menopausal. BTW- Dental x-rays are a HUGE amount of radiation!
I was in the DR with my 11 month old breastfed son last December. He is vaccinated, but even if he wasn't, I wouldn't have thought twice about it. The resorts are extrememly clean, and all of the water that you would drink is bottled. The swimming pool water is chlorinated, and I wouldn't be concerned about that. Go and enjoy yourself- nothing to worry about.
They could also be signs of hyperthyroidism- not that unusual in someone who is post-partum. Get your thyroid and blood sugar checked ASAP!
That's why I specified that the injected flu vaccine can not cause the flu. FluMist is live, you are correct.
Nodtveidt, you've made some pretty strong statements. Can you please cite some of your "overwhelming evidence" that the smallpox vaccine did nothing? I don't disagree that the vaccine can have some very serious adverse effects, which is why the vaccination program was stopped, once the disease was eradicated. However, I really think the evidence is overwhelming that smallpox was eradicated by the vaccine. It now only exists in laboratory settings. There are no animal...
Agree with the other posters- it's not being discontinued, but most people are no longer carrying it. My office now only has the DTaP (and I only see adults).
Quote: Originally Posted by lovin'leo As for your other question, I'm still trying to find the link I read it on. All anything I've looked at again so far says is about licensing, which has absolutely no relationship to when it was in widespread use. I don't dispute there were years before it was licensed when there were lots of cases, it's probably why it was created/approved. Did I misunderstand your previous post? I thought you said...
It's an editorial. It's written by the editorial staff of the NY times. Editorials never have an author- they are meant to represent the opinion of the paper.
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