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Quote: Originally Posted by lovin'leo And if those women had been given vitamin A when they were sick, it's likely even fewer/no babies would have been affected. Also, Vitamin A is a teratogen and excessive dosages are contraindicated in pregnancy. Severe birth defects can occur. http://www.teratology.org/pubs/vitamina.htm
Quote: Originally Posted by lovin'leo T Congenital rubella occurred in less than 100 pregnancies before the vaccine was introduced. And if those women had been given vitamin A when they were sick, it's likely even fewer/no babies would have been affected. Do you have a source for this? From what I've read, the rubella outbreak of 1964-1965 lead to 20,000 cases of CRS in the US. Here's my source:...
Are you sure she has active TB? People who convert their PPD (have a postive test) also take 6-9 months of INH to prevent the development of TB. That's very different than having active TB. A person like that can not transmit TB. A person with active TB has actually TB bacteria in their sputum, not just a positive skin test. They are usually isolated for a period of time, and are on 4 different drugs.
No point in getting the Zostavax. If he currently has chicken pox, his titers will be so high that his chance of getting shingles anytime in the near future is extremely low. As a PP said, the Zostavax is not licensed for under 65.
Thanks for the help! I'll try leaving them on a bit longer.
OK, I know that us women always say size doesn't matter, but.... I have the smallest zucchini in the world! I read that I should harvest them when the flower falls off, which I've been doing. The problem is, they are only 2 to 3 inches long! I've included a photo, with my most recent "crop" next to my phone, just give you a size comparison. http://i306.photobucket.com/albums/n...4/IMG_0962.jpg Any suggestions? Should I leave them on the plant longer? We've...
It basically contains the active ingredient of what's in simvastatin (Zocor). It's equivalent to taking about 10 mg of Zocor a day. It has the same risks that taking a traditional statin has (liver dysfunction, muscle aches, rhabdomyolysis in very severe cases). Anyone taking it should have their liver checked at least every 6 months.
Yes, I'm an MD.
[QUOTE=applejuice;11904744] Quote: Originally Posted by marilynmama ...[B] The OP makes me really wonder how many pediatricians/doctors really do vaccinate their children in light of the tragedies they see every day in the office or ER. I have always suspected they did not and have not for decades, and say nothing. Do any of you know of a doctor who has a child with autism or a vaccine reaction? My son is fully vaccinated (and healthy).
No, your doctor can not dump you at the end of your pregnancy. This is something that you should bring up with her soon, though, because you want to leave yourself time to find a new doctor if she is not in agreement with your wishes. Do you really want an adversarial relationship with your OB? Find someone who is in tune with you.
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