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I think the most concerning thing is that he is soliciting donations for his project. This is certainly not acceptable protocol for any sort or research project. Makes me wonder if the whole thing is a money making scam for him.
I'm interesting in more information about who is funding the survey and what methodology will be used in interpreting the information.
  Do you not see the difference between a scientific study that is industry-funded and ad copy?
  TB is fascinating.  It is spread through the air.  However, it is not all that pathogenic.  It often goes into a latent phase (that's what TB tests check for) when it is not contagious at all.  However, under certain conditions of immunosuppression, or just long-term infection, it can become active, at which time it can be spread.  Even so, it usually takes prolonged contact to spread it.     Many countries in the developing world have a big problem with TB for several...
  Wait, you're looking to someone who is trying to SELL a TB test for information about how contagious TB is?????  Talk about an unreliable source!!!   As for your everyday health site- well, I don't know who the "experts" are that you are claiming there.  Possible the same ones trying to sell the TB test.   Here, try this.  http://www.health.ny.gov/diseases/communicable/tuberculosis/fact_sheet.htm   And this:...
  Maybe.  They might be concerned about being accused of discrimination if they only have people who might be recent immigrants from Mexico get tested.   However, I see a ton of inappropriate TB testing done.  I think it's mostly done out of habit and not wanting to revise outdated requirements.  A lot of the schools where I live require it, and I'm in New Hampshire, for God's sake.  Not exactly a hotbed of TB activity.
  Because they're not at all up to date on the latest recommendations.   There is no reason in the world why you should need a TB test (I'm assuming you're not a recent immigrant from a country where TB is endemic).   Here are the latest recommendations for TB tests:     Risk Persons at risk Increased risk due to exposure of infectious cases Persons with recent close contact with person known to have active TB Children <4 years of age Tuberculin...
  It's not highly contagious at all.  That's one of the reasons that there is not mandatory vaccination.  It takes very close contact with secretions, and usually household contacts are the main people at risk.  You're very unlikely to catch TB from casual contact with someone.
  So, from your sample size of 1, you can infer that all doctors receive no training in breastfeeding?   Please see my previous post describing the training my classmates and I received.
Absolutely. Lactation consultant probably has 10x the training and expertise that I do. I never claimed otherwise. All I'm saying is that it's incorrect to say that doctors don't get any training in BF.I also think its stupid that insurance companies don't pay for an LC, but I think that pretty much all things that insurance companies do are stupid.
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