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Thanks so much for the help. I'm going to go out and get the Epsom salts tomorrow.
Thanks for the suggestion. Here are some pics of the leaves: http://i306.photobucket.com/albums/n...4/IMG_0888.jpg http://i306.photobucket.com/albums/n...4/IMG_0884.jpg http://i306.photobucket.com/albums/n...4/IMG_0885.jpg What do you think?
I'm in coastal NH- Zone 5. My soil is good- it is a raised garden bed that is a 50-50 mix of loam and organic compost. I haven't fertilized with anything, and it is all of the leaves. Thanks!
My Roma tomato leaves are all getting brown areas around the edges. They look the way leaves look when they turn brown in the fall. The rest of my tomatoes are doing fine. What's going on??? I've never had a garden before... We've had a TON of rain over the past week- could that have anything to do with it? I'll try to post some pictures later. Any insight is appreciated- I'll be so disappointed if I lose my Romas! I'm looking forward to spaghetti sauce so much!
Agree with other PPs. Sounds like a simple partial seizure. It would be diagnosed with an EEG, but the EEG could be normal if there is no seizure activity at the time it is done. A family history of seizure disorder or a history of head trauma would also point towards seizures, rather than panic attack.
Does anyone know if it is OK to compost the shells of shellfish? Like clamshells (if I crush them) or the shells of shrimp? Thanks.
To the OP- Honestly, what did you expect the doctor to say? You called her and told her that your daughter cut herself on a rusty nail, and then fell and got dirt in wound. Could she have been more polite? Absolutely. But, I think you knew what she would tell you before you called. Just because she didn't give you the answer you want is no reason to be angry. If you are annoyed at her attitude, that is fine. But doctors are not always able to give patients the...
I never send ticks for testing. It's pointless. If it carries Lyme, it still does not tell if it was transmitted. If you see your doctor within 72 hours of the tick bite, you can take a one time dose of 200 mg prophylactic doxycycline. This prevents transmission of Lyme. Otherwise, really your only choice is to wait and see if she develops a rash or symptoms.
The fact that his dad is a diabetic confirms my suspicion. Your husband (and likely his dad) probably have Metabolic Syndrome, which is a low HDL, high triglycerides, and elevated blood sugars. This needs to be a wake-up call for your husband- if he doesn't want to end up with diabetes like his dad, he needs to make changes!
Those are pretty high triglycerides, but I've definitely seen worse. That HDL is pretty low. I bet he has a family history of this. He should cut out all alcohol, if he drinks. Cut back on saturated fats, and decrease carbohydrate intake. Fish oil three times a day. He might want to consider taking niacin (can be bought over the counter) if he can tolerate it. It can cause some pretty bad flushing. He also needs to see a doctor to have this followed up! If all...
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