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We had classes during second year during the child development section. I remember that part of that was having a bunch of bteastfeeding moms come in to discuss their experiences with us. Dr. Lawrence did a lot of teaching on the physiology of breastfeeding. Of course, in pharmacology we had to know all about the safety pf meds for lactation. Then we had additional training while doing our peds rotation and OB/GYN rotations. We had to shadow the lactation consultants for a...
That's fine. Everything I said was true for myself and the 100 other people in my class.Perhaps you should have phrased your comment differently, since you categorically stated that doctors have no training in breastfeeding. Apparently this was based on a sample size of 2.
TB is not declining on its own. In the US, it is declining due to screening and treatment of latent TB infections with antibiotics. Unfortunately, among immigrant populations in the US, there is no decline.
Wow. You seem pretty confident that all doctors to through the same exact training.I was taught about breastfeeding in med school. I trained under Dr. Ruth Lawrence. She wrote this: http://www.amazon.com/gp/aw/d/0323028233So, what's the source of your definitive knowledge that doctors receive no training in breastfeeding?Also, can you please give me some examples of the cult brainwashing techniques I underwent?
There is not a vaccine quota that doctor offices have to meet. I believe some insurances give bonuses if a certain percentage of their subscribers are vaccinated, although none of the ones that I contract with do. There are no negative consequences to a doctor for not meeting a "quota." I'm not sure what you are asking regarding insurance and vaccines. Could you be more specific? Some insurance pays for vaccines, some doesn't. I'm not sure what you mean by "doctors...
  There's plenty of data on this thread. It just has to be read and understood.   Here's a primer regarding statistical power.  You know, they don't just pull these sample sizes out their asses.  And the point is not to make all groups the same size.  That means nothing.     http://www.indiana.edu/~statmath/stat/all/power/power.html
Read the whole paper. The P value is in there. It's .033. Still not significant, using the standard of .025.
Again, the rate was NOT higher in the hep a arm. There was NO STATISTICALLY SIGNIFICANT DIFFERENCE! You quoted the P value yourself as being .16!
No, it doesn't. It showed no significant difference. You're right. Significant is the key word. They are talking about statistical significance. If the difference is not statistically significant, and it wasn't with that P value, it means that there is no difference between the two groups.
  I'm confused.  Why do you not find it to be reassuring?  It shows no significant difference between the two arms.
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