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I'm so happy you're in love. Totally the way it should be! You were meant to be a mama after all. ;)
  We're close! 7 weeks PP, down 32, 16 to go to ultimate goal weight. ;)
I read every day, but don't have much time to post. Miss catching up with you ladies!
More of fat Eli. Up 5 pounds in 6 weeks. ;)    
Az, the books we have are by Tana Hoban. I see them on Amazon, but I got them at a used bookstore. E still loves them!!
Yep, pretty odd, LOL. BUT it kept the babe quiet and the hubby happy at the same time. I think I was more relaxed cause I didn't have to stress about baby waking, crying and interrupting, know what I mean. ;) Might never happen again, but it worked the other day...  
Benny, all those finished jobs sound WONDERful! And my parents bug me about birth control after every baby. Shut up mom and dad, we'll provide and raise these children!!   SB, my DH is in the Army reserves and has drill this weekend, too. I'll have my 5 alone all weekend, I can totally relate! Also, I have interest in DTD and never had before 9-12 months PP with other babes, interesting....   I DO not like being away from baby. But, he is an easy guy and I can put him...
Hugs, Mummoth, I'm sure things will "heat up" for you guys soon. ;)   We DTD with baby attached to the boob last night. DH was really in the mood and I was happy to not have to put babe in the swing. It worked well for all three of us! Eli will get too old for this soon, I bet, but it worked last night. ;)
We're in the same boat. Ds was born on the 6th, so close to the same age.... I just switch him from side to side all day long. And all night. Looking forward to this passing.
You will totally shrink! You still have 7.5 months to get back down, at least! ;) 9 months on, 9 months off is my motto. With our first, I was skinnier than before I got pregnant with her by the time she was 5 months. And with every other baby, I was down to prepreg. weight by the time they were 12 months. Keep your clothes!  
New Posts  All Forums: