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More of Eli at almost 6 weeks. Getting so chunky. :)    
One more thing. I sleep with the baby and with my 2 year old son in a king size. DH sleeps with the 4 year old in another room in the queen size. We are happy with this and still find places and time to "hook up". ;)
Okay, these won't be pretty. I'm sure they'll make all of you feel awesome about your PP bodies compared to mine, though. ;) Down to 177.4 today. I took these today. My goal is 155, which will be 53 lbs. lost from 9 months pregnant. We'll see how long it takes me. I plan to take new photos every time I lose 5 pounds. Wish I would have started this earlier. ;) I have a lot more tummy and butt than I need right now, LOL. Almost 6 weeks PP.          
Okay, you all might already be feeding this way, but I had time to take photos, so here they are... He just woke from a nap in the swing, so he was swaddled. When I sleep with him, I just have him in footed jammies, not swaddled. I am comfortable on my back, so this is what we do...     Pillow under my arm for support     Two year old snatched pillow, so comforter under arm for support. We only use a bottom, fitted sheet and this comforter, 100% cotton...
This is awesome, I bet your middle babe LOVES that milk in the am. I wish my 2 year old was still nursing (sometimes...) I know he would benefit so much from the milk.  
I switch sides at night. When baby grunts or wakes, I just roll him over the top of me and pop him on the other boob. I mostly lie on my back and hold him in the crook of my arm and raise him up to the boob. Not sure if first time moms can do it this way, maybe my boobs are floppy enough to be pulled down low enough to reach him, LOL! I'll try to get a photo of this later. Also, I am wearing short sleeve cotton tshirts, but the key is that they have spandex in them. I...
We have a Sweetpeace swing and I LOVE that sucker! Our last son slept in it for an average of 5 hours a day until he was 10 MONTHS old! About two, 2 hour naps a day, and another 1 hour nap each evening. This time, I smartened up and bought the plug in version. (We burned the motor out of the last one.) I am about to hang up more black and white pages from another board book for Eli, where he can see them while in the swing. Check out the swing on Amazon. Pricey, but...
If anyone decides to count calories, I would love to be friends on Myfitnesspal....
Copying Azad here. ;) "42 weeks" Baby is 5 weeks old.      
Our Eli at 5 weeks.    
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