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Totally. For the record, DH was wonderful for the first two weeks and we were brought several delicious meals. I hid out with the baby for days... but it was like once babe hit a month, my time "off" was totally UP. Completely. Like, no more rest for mama, ever. I think he knows he was nasty, but I just need to move on now, I guess.   
I am counting calories and have lost 3 pounds per week for the past two weeks. I am trying to stick to 2000 a day and I still have serious over supply and over active let down issues. Baby is getting FAT, too!    That said, I AM making cookies today and will probably eat a dozen over the next few days. I will use the same recipe I used during pregnancy, then will post it here with the calories per cookies, if anyone is interested, probably at least 120 per cookie,...
Not a lot of time to post. He is a jerk sometimes, we both know it.   He had the stomach flu a few days before this happened, then I had another type of flu virus. No vomiting for me, thank goodness! I just had to decide to not waste any more mental/emotional energy on his nastiness, you know...? We came to the conclusion that he was missing me and physical time with me. When his needs are not met, he is STUBBORN about meeting anyone else's needs (especially...
I would wait, but I think its good that you want him! Don't mess with the stitches, mama. ;)    
I had a COMPLETE melt down the other day. I've had the flu and DH tells me to go sleep (only when its convenient for him to be around the kids) and EVERY time I doze off, (after nursing, changing, bouncing baby, you know the drill...) the 2 year old comes looking for me, calling "Mama!", knocks on the door, etc.    I cried, fussed, had major hormonal, sleep deprived, flu melt down. My DH was not understanding at all. Told me I wanted to "be this way." That I am...
Sounds like we are some lucky mamas this time around. My fifth (I know you all know how many kids I have by now, LOL) and I've never shrunk this quickly, looked this good as early, either. I'll take it!!    We'll see how long it takes to lose the next 20. I have a date with Jillian Michaels/the treadmill as soon as I kick this flu bug.  
This. Did it with expressed milk and medicine dropper for Eli about 3x/day for 3 days. Cleared it right up. ;)  
My two year old is totally freaked out by this!! LOL. Love it and you look beautiful!  
Perfect little doll!    
Loved reading your story, esp. circus boobs and old bat, LOL! Congrats!!
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