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Wonderful to here from you. Welcome to the world, little guy!!
Baby is a month old today and I am down 29 lbs. Still have about 20 to go to get to prebabies weight. I am happy with my loss so far, though. I am counting calories, but not exercising yet. I am really sick right now and cannot even imagine exercising!    
Here's a few of Eli. He's cuter in real life. ;) And these photos aren't the best....       He LOVES these black and white cards I put on the wall for him. He will look at them for a LONG time, at least 10-15 minutes, about 3 times each day. Quietly. So sweet. They are from a cut up board book. I just bought a new one so I can change them out for him soon. ;)      
I can't post a long reply right now, but it is HARD! This time has been much better, with adding baby #5, but when I had #3, I thought I would go NUTS! She was and is a demanding child. I hope you feel better knowing you're not the only one going through this! A few months down the road and we'll hardly remember these hard few weeks, right? ;)
Ladies, this group makes BEAUTIFUL babies! Will post new photos of my guy tomorrow. He is plumping (sp?) up a bit and we cut his hair. ;) My boobs are leaking and he's waking from a nap. LOL. TTYL!
Girls, I know, it seems totally CRAZY! I was not like this with ANY of our other children, scared of the pain, couldn't put baby down, etc. This time has been different. Easier baby, hubby just home after 5 months of being out of town, no pain during first DTD session, etc... ;)    
Dude, I hear you! Been full on DTD since about 12 days PP. Hubby comes onto me several times a day. I give in about every other day. No pain, though! ;)
Its his two week growth spurt. Our Eli is starting his, also. Although, he is the easiest baby I have EVER had, so even his cluster nursing doesn't stress me out. I love him!
We've had LOTS of meals brought to us by church/homeschool friends. My favorite has been the homemade beans and cheese burritos on yummy tortillas! I also eat lots of cookies, still, and cheese and crackers. 
Ladies, it gets so much better after baby arrives! You can do this. Only a week or two left for most of you! How thrilling! I got about 2 hours of sleep before I delivered our little guy. I do get cramped muscles now at night, but am able to sleep 3 hours in a row at least once per night which is wonderful! Insomnia stinks!    
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