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I am still wearing the super tight tanks and high waisted TIGHT undies. I look sooo much better this time around than with our last baby. I think so, anyway, LOL! Sometimes I really can't believe that I have had 5 kids. My sister says that I look "back to normal, like you usually do" and my hubby said today "look at you getting all skinny already!" I have lost 23 pounds, but it comes off everywhere. My belly is flabby, no doubt, but looks about what it looked like at 4...
Yes, Benny, I REALLY love those lists. I LOLed sooo much while reading them! Thanks for the chuckles. ;)  
    Yikes, gals. I am SOO sorry your hubbies are acting childish. I have been there. Just now, with baby #5, my DH "gets" it.... He even said something like "Eli is the only baby in this house, when you have time for me, let me know." He was sincere. But about three days after our last baby was born, he had the nerve to say "you've really changed a lot over the past few days." Oh my goodness, I was pissed!!! If you can be as honest and up front with them, and the rest of...
Thanks. He was frowning a bit, baby dreams. ;)    
This is his favorite spot. ;)  
Fast labor, awesome!! Congrats. :)
Maya wrap or Sweetpeace swing. With me in the queen size bed for one nap a day and all night. Love this little elf!
My update:     163-165 prepregnancy, would like to be 160 at about 9 months PP, in September of next year.   I was 208lbs. on 12/5. Had 6lb. 12oz. baby on 12/6. Was 194.4 on 12/9. 188.8 today on 12/14.   I am thrilled with this number. I was 183 when my last baby was 5 months old. Then I started counting calories and exercising. I'm excited to start that MUCH sooner this time around!       dsb, I thought I posted a reply to your post yesterday... I cannot believe you only...
Holy Moly, no wonder you are so in love. That is one beautiful boy! He looks like your DF, right. Cute!!
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