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Yes, congrats, gals! Fun to share the birthdays! 
PP hormone changes SUCK! Big time. Crazy crying lady one minute, LOL the next, snapping at my kids and DH. I am OVER this crap!!   I really needed a laugh and Az's asshole post made me giggle, YES you can say that here, girl, as far as I'm concerned. And cwill's cat on banana made me laugh so hard that I have tears in my eyes.   I love this DDC!
LOL. Milk makers, hubby pleasers. And they make me seem smaller, balance out my big butt and thighs. ;)
I keep coming back to peek at these. Your older DD is one of the most beautiful girls I have ever seen. Her hair and her eyes are totally adorable... I wish I could pick her up and hug her!  
Two full on make out sessions so far at six days PP. These boobs are powerful. Goodness!! I have never torn, do head during one contraction, body during the next also...
Beautiful! You all look lovely!! :)
We went to church last night for a gift exchange and dinner. It was great to get out! This is 5 days after birth, I have TIGHT high waist undies on and a tight tank on top.    
We have a sucky camera, so these are as good as they get for now, LOL! He is sooo hairy, I'm not exactly sure when I will trim his facial hair, probably sooner than later. ;)     Meeting big brother for the first time, I cannot believe I have *two* sons!   Pretty soon after birth.   My sister took this one after I had showered when he was a day old.     At home last night. This little loveseat is tiny and it totally dwarfs him, he is so...
Another BEAUTIFUL baby! So alert, too!    
Yes, I am only 5 days PP, but hubby is VERY interested in me. I made the mistake of flashing him before my shower two days ago to show him the tummy and boob changes and he has been very touchy feely ever since... Obviously, I have no interest in sex, but he wants to kiss, hug, rub up against me, play with boobies, etc.... oh boy!   Anyone else "dealing" with this yet?    I'm sure this thread will get lots of action in the coming months, LOL. Its just too...
New Posts  All Forums: