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Thanks, all! :)
Heather, you look great! Almost time. ;)
Wow, STUNNING photos, mamas!! 
Sierra, I was 3cm at 11pm, bloody show from 12am-6am, got to hospital at 6:45, had him at 8:30. I hope it goes that quickly for you today!!
I stayed two full nights in the hospital and came home yesterday afternoon. My older four kids are LOUD and want to be right near the baby. I am hiding out in the back bedroom now and getting ready to wake the baby to nurse.   He is precious and so, so tiny. I really love him and am so glad to feel bonded to him after feeling not very interested in the pregnancy. ;) He is a bit yellow, so I need to nurse, nurse, nurse. And he's not pooping well. I have a ton of...
I was wondering if you had had your baby. Congrats! :)
I'm totally in! I will be very active here, too. I have just been waiting to use this thread faithfully, LOL!   ! was about 163-165 prepregnancy, would like to be 160 when baby turns one next December.    I was 208 at my appointment on Monday. Had 6 pound baby on Tuesday. Was 194.4 at 72 hours pp today.  And I have been eating like a crazed woman! My milk came in FAST, like at 24 hours and my floppy boobs are now huge and full!   I will eat whatever I...
Great name! Congrats. :)
I agree with the others, you look like a model here! Gorgeous. :)    
Eli Paul 6 lbs. 12oz. 18 inches 37 weeks 12/6/11 at 8:24 am    
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