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Congrats aeterna and Ashlee!!  Yesterday was a busy day for this group!! ;)
Yep, at least three Eli's.... awesome name! ;)
Fast and furious labor today with killer back labor. Arrived at hospital at 645 and delivered him at 8:24. 6lbs. 12oz. 18 inches 37 weeks today He has a great latch and I'm waiting for him to get back from his bath now. He was COVERed in vernix. Will post photos when hubby gets back from his job interview.
She is SOOO beautiful!
Thank you! I wish I didn't have to color my hair, but I get grays! ;)      
I'm calling this full term. Almost 37 weeks. This kid is HUGE and my boobs are still so small. (For me, this late in pregnancy.) DH gets home from Officer Candidate School for the Army Reserves TOMORROW and I am so excited! I know he is going to want to hook up and I am afraid of the pain.  Yikes.  Baby's head is LOW and I have been having contractions for three days. We'll see how this weekend goes.       
Thinking of you, mama! You can do this! I am so relieved you are there and having her today. I pray everything goes smoothly for you and your little family. Hugs!
Avery, so glad to read that you have been seen and will continue to get care. Your DD is precious!
Exciting news, congrats!!
This, congrats!!
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