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I just want to add you can refuse anything you want for you, but you can't refuse thing for the baby that they say is necessary, or they will call CPS on you and do it anyway.
The Birth Story of William and Micah Mom was planning an unassisted birth at home and had a great uneventful pregnancy. She wanted a peaceful water birth and was excited to go into labor! March 11, 2008 4:00pm- Mom calls to let me know she is having contractions. They are about 5-8 minutes apart. We talk about what she wants to do. She is tired and wanting to rest so she is going to nap and call me back. I remind her to make sure to drink lots of...
William spent 7 weeks in the hospital re-learning to eat, and has been diagnosed CP to what extent we won't know till he's older. He's getting pumped milk in a bottle as he's not able to latch, we hope with all the therapy he's getting we'll be able to latch him in the future. We're thankful he was able to come home without a feeding tube.
I'm finally ready to post the pictures from my homebirth: www.earthboundbirth.com/lydia
Quote: Originally Posted by mataji4 Wow, congratulations! I hope your little one will recover his health quickly and cps gets off your back soon. I wonder if you would have done anything differently during your pregnancy if you knew you were carrying twins? Obviously, there are different nutritional requirements to grow two babies versus one. I wonder if you naturally felt to eat more, etc? I did follow my body on what to eat, some day I had...
I had surprise twins about two weeks ago in a UC birth. Labor was uneventful, I labored from 3-5 then asked for my doula to come over. Then labored till about 8:30 and started pushing (my hubby and son ~2 then joined us in the bathroom.) I pushed out sac and part of a baby (in the water) and had to pop the sac to find out what the body parts were in the sac that I could tell wasn't a head. Turns out it was a butt and legs and then I couldn't get the baby past the rib...
I had surprise twins and fundal height was always within 2-3 weeks of my dates (late pregnancy) early pregnancy I was ahead 4-6 weeks. But I also had discordant twins (one was over 4 # the other was 7)
Quote: Originally Posted by MamaRabbit Chantel, I had less bleeding after my twins than I did with my singletons! I'm finding this to be true also!
You have to make sure you are 100% comfortable with your own decision. also if you do have to transfer, don't try to deny transport for anyone, you all really have to go....and this is from experience.
Guess I should say both are still in the NICU as we had to transport.
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