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i picked this one ages ago on a different board after my original username got hijacked and it just stuck. it's even my nickname irl for some people! damona was one of many names for the celtic mother/fertility goddess. i thought it was appropriate since i was then expecting #3, and when he was followed by #4 it stayed appropriate!
hi all... missed this section before and dived right in over in special needs parenting! whoopsie... sorry bout that! anyway, i'm damona, i'm a sahm of 4 young sons who finally has access to regular contact with the outside world aka internet! the clowns are running the circus over here, and it is chaos and hysteria on a regular basis so it will be nice to be able to chat with other moms!
hi all, i found this thread via google and signed up on the spot! i've got 4 sons, 3 of whom have food sensitivities and/or allergies. my oldest is adhd, #2 is pdd-nos and adhd, # 3 is pdd-nos and #4 just has wheat and dairy allergies (and a severe case of selective hearing! lol) #1 is very sensitive to msg and processed sugars, #2 can (and will!) eat anything, #3 and #4 are gfcf. life is interesting! we also do a bunch of supplements... fish oils, whole-food...
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