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Is it the DAY you ovulate or a day or two before?
We are having a combined "friend" party for DS and DD in a couple of weeks at a local play place. It is a showroom for Rainbow swing sets, trampolines, and basketball goals. They have a ton of equipment for the kids to play on. We decided to combine them since they aren't old enough to really have their own friends yet, so we invite the same people to both of their parties- our friends' kids and our nieces and nephews. Anyway, the party is only 2 hours. We are having...
Especially for kids who might be a little (totally) anxious about random things? Especially for kids who are really outgoing and interested in people, and for whom you don't want to ruin that personality trait? Especially for parents who are pretty laidback but want to cover the basics because it seems kinda crazy not to? Please and thank you!
A large bowl of pasta. It was good, but I think I ate too much.
I just typed out a big long thing and accidentally erased it Short version... If I have a pilar candle, can I slice it up and put a piece in a wax warmer (like Scentsy) instead of lighting it?
It went on for too much time.    
I can't figure out how to multi-quote:   I only heard it that one time. They moved in about 6 mns. ago.   I live in New York City. I assumed when I called that they wouldn't do anything unless he had some visible injury when they got there. The belt was snapping loud enough for me to hear it from the hallway so he might've. I don't know.   I have thought of telling the mom I babysit or asking her if he could use a little dog walking job (I have a dog) or...
I live in an apt. building. About a week or so ago, I heard a child screaming. These were not bloodcurdling screams but loud enough to get me to go out into the hallway to see if I could tell which apt. they were coming from. Out in the hallway I could hear the sound of a belt snapping and in between the screams a child's voice crying "No, I'm sorry!"   I went back in and called the police and the dispatcher said they'd send someone. Don't know what happened after...
Wholemeal bagel with vegan pate and some orange juice. 
Very interesting.   http://www.cnn.com/2011/US/03/20/pennsylvania.school.testing/index.html   I wonder how this movement might catch on, and what the repercussions would be.
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