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So, did all of the barefooters leave Mothering?
I never made it all the way through the book, as I am not really interested in running. I am having another go at the book and finding it more interesting than I thought it would be. I'm applying it to going barefoot as much as I would like. I have become less barefoot over the last few years, it seems. Not good.   I would love to buy some of those minimalist shoes for barefooters-in-transition. A lady I know was wearing the five toed ones and said they were very...
Wow! This is the homebirth section? My, how the forums have degenerated. Unless Dr. A.T. has changed dramatically, she is a decided foe against home birth, and an avowed enemy of uc.
There were some very awesome posts on this thread. I would have commented on more of them, but my computer and the forum are fighting with each other and to even give a "good post" click caused the whole thread to reload and stop at the first post again, so it has been painful going through the thread.   I just want to commend my fellow UCers. Even though I never heard of such a thing until after I had my babies, I support it wholeheartedly. And I agree that personal...
     prescottchels, well said. Ditto the comment about breech births. My baby was very healthy and very alert when she was born. There were no risk factors in my pregnancy.
 sgnorton123, Amen and Amen. There are very few pro-UC boards to come to.
Lulu0190, this is where knowledge and mother's intuition come into play. A mother can intuit that something is wrong. UC is not about having a baby alone at all costs. Many who have planned a UC chose not to have one at the last minute because they "felt" they needed to go to a hospital, and consequent events proved their intuition accurate. Placenta previa is something that was discussed much on the Mothering forums back when there were more uc-friendly threads and posts....
Bone2pick, I can see why you are concerned, however, I have researched breech births much over the years (my breech baby is now nearly 22 years old) because I have an obvious personal interest in the subject, and I have found that if a mother is left to her instincts, the breech baby is most likely to be born just fine without any machinations from an attendant. Standing, or giving birth in water seem to be the two best ways, and my instincts ran toward water at the time I...
I think they were trained that way. I think the bottom line was being afraid of being sued.
It probably does not harm if one follows the instructions posted here. Personally, I would believe that these women really did pull them out. Am I gullible? Maybe.  
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