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It probably does not harm if one follows the instructions posted here. Personally, I would believe that these women really did pull them out. Am I gullible? Maybe.  
So, how did it go?
This must be a real catchy topic for people who were previously not mothering members, or lurkers have been inspired to come forward. 53 people on this thread have only 1 post to their credit. Some have more, but have only posted on this thread.   Interesting information. Good to know it is so easy. (I've not read all of the posts. I'm only on #28, but I was curious when I saw the complaints about 1 post posters and counted all of them. Now, back to read more of the...
I got a book about a year ago called barefoot running. Has anyone done this? I've not taken it up, but then running/jogging is not something I've been able to put my mind to and do on a regular basis. I think it would be a good way to connect with the earth.
Checking in. I don't come to mothering very often at all anymore, but I'm still into barefoot. I haven't licked the snow and stickers/burrs/etc. yet but I'm still into being as barefoot as much as possible.
   Click on the link (the words "barefooters group forum") in the post above yours. At the top of the list of posts will be words that say something like "join group." Click on that and you're in.
Great list! I hope you don't mind, but I think I would like to keep a copy of that list.   Anise is supposed to aid delivery in childbirth. That may be a good oil to add to the list.
If I had had a uc with my first baby, I would never have had a c-section. My instincts were to get into a tub of warm water and stay there. My husband, on his way to apprise the midwife of my labor (and to pick up my mother), told me not to get into the tub until he had talked to the midwife. When he came back, he said the midwife said not to take a bath. Mouse that I was, I obeyed them instead of following my instincts. Had I known about uc, I would have not even told him...
Yes, this group is very quiet. I wonder if all of the original people left (or stopped being anarchist)?  
  In our home, shoes are optional. I don't wear them inside, but need to wear shoes if I leave the porch because of sticker/bullheads. I don't pay enough attention to my children's feet to remember who chooses to wear shoes inside (they are ages 16-21).   That said, I also have a pair of shoes at each door (inside) and my answer to your question is, "I usually do."
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