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    I was watching this slide show earlier today. Most of them are twins - most of them are home birth - all but one set born vaginally. There are even a set of triplets.   http://www.pregnancy-and-giving-birth.com/birth-video.html     I have read many twin birth stories (unassisted) and I don't see what the fear is all about. Is there a risk in birthing? Yes. There are also risks in driving a vehicle, in eating fish, in taking a shower, and tremendous risks in going to a...
I am wondering why you keep posting here? Are you unaware that this forum is a uc support section of Mothering? You seem very fearful and medically inclined. I think you would feel more comfortable in another area of Mothering. Though I am sure you mean well, your fear-mongering is a bit irritating (forgive me if things changed farther down the thread. I read this far and had to comment).
I've never gone that long without hair removal. Too trained by society, I think.  
To OP,   All I can share is my experience.   My oldest child and I never had chickenpox. When chickenpox went around the school my children were in, I'm thinking my son was 8 or 9 and my younger daughter was 10 or 11.   My son was miserable enough that he wanted to sleep with me. He wore one of my T-shirts the whole time he was miserable. A week or two later, when my daughter got it, she decided it was tradition to wear that shirt and sleep with Mom while...
Bump.   All baby carriers give me back-aches. I wish I had an answer for you.  
It's easier for me to be hairy in the relatively cold months of winter.  
Christine, thank you for that information. I found it very useful.  
Very good article. Thanks for sharing.   There was a link in the article to another very interesting article.   http://www.nurturingheartsbirthservices.com/blog/?p=16  
I'm in the private forum. I've been a member of MDC for a while, though, even though I don't visit much any more. When I sought approval, it took a couple or three weeks iirc. At that time, they'd look at a members posts to make sure they didn't have a vendetta against uc, make sure they had the required amount of posts, etc. It took time to do all that.   The post above sounds like they've been going through some shifting. We could use some "new blood" to increase...
New Posts  All Forums: