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The golden's coat helps keep them cool, actually. And you can burn them pretty badly with the clippers if you shave too close. They also get sunburned very easily without it. I would take the dog to a groomer and let them trim the coat down and clean the dog up, that should be a big improvement.
From my own experience I think it's a fact of life that from about 12-14 all teenage girls reek. Something about hormones changing, maybe. She's probably just embarrassed to discuss it with you, or she can't smell it on herself, but you are right to at least try and bring it up, if you don't, someone else will and not in the nicest way. Maybe she doesn't like the smell of regular deodorant? Just a thought.
I had these same sorts of thoughts with my first, and even though it's hard, just know it's not you or your baby, it's PPD, hormones, stress and a million other things. Go see a doctor. You're not a psycho, and it takes more than that to get your child taken away.
A nurse at the neurologist's looking at Sunshine in my lap and her sister running around on the floor- "So sad, you can see the child your daughter would've been."
I think I belong with this tribe. My first birth was a nightmare, but it wasn't in a hospital. It almost soured me on the experience forever, but thankfully I decided to give it a second try (the second time was a beautiful water birth) Can I still hang about if my bad experience was a home birth? I would post more but I don't want to offend people...
Awesome! So cool!
You have a shiny diaper in your future. As long as it was a small amount, he should be fine.
I was the (almost) oldest in a quiverfull type of family, though they didn't call it that back then, I don't think.
Ah, I have seen a lot of kids with broken bones in my day. When my (then two year old) sister broke her hip and femur sledding down the basement stairs, mom used to put her in a big wagon for walks. A two year old is old enough to play basic clapping games with and I bet her mother has a few favorites from her childhood she can teach the basics of to her toddler. What about string games? http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cat%27s_cradle She might be too young for those, it's...
Measles, polio and Diphtheria I worry about, but when was the last time you heard of a kid getting Diphtheria? (though I knew a girl growing up who did get it, state made us all line up for vaccinations right after) so I am relying on herd immunity for that one. I would let my kids around someone who had been recently vaccinated, but of course, lots of hand washing, nothing like fingers, toys goes in the mouth (good sanitary practices regardless of vaccination status, I...
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