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Yes,I make them keep them clean.  They are 10 and 11 and have no toys in their rooms so it'snot too hard.  I figure you take care ofyour things, regardless if you have a lot or a little.  If you don't take care of your things, I will give them to someone who will and who will also appreciate them.  I also make sure they keep up on their hygiene, exercise and homework.  I want them to develop good habits. 
I need to buy all new bath towels but cannot find any that are not made in India, China or the like.  Any suggestions?
Everything that has been posted and everything that will be posted.  I have a LOT of pet peeves.       Okay, fine.  A few ones that are especially irksome to me right now:   Misused apostrophes.  When you pluralize a word, it does NOT need an apostrophe.    "Should of/would of/could of".  I KNOW  "should've" sounds like "should of" but if you're writing it, it's should HAVE or should've.      Over exaggerating (I hate exaggerating as it...
I picked C, although... I'd prefer your shoes came off and, if you're going upstairs, your shoes ARE coming OFF.
It must be regional.  In our area, people have their children later (35-40 for their first) so I always get the "sister" comments from anybody and everybody (I'm 31, but look a lot younger and have an 11 y/o and 10 y/o).  I don't know how you feel, but it feels pretty lousy when people mistake me for my children's sibling or even make jokes when they know I'm the mom.      My own mother became a grandmother at 38 (and not even from her oldest child), if it makes you...
I read through all of the responses so mine is going to be all over the place...   We are a shoes-free home.  My home isn't overly "pristine" (I don't mind a coffee cup on the kitchen counter and/or feet - with socks - on my family room coffee table) but I do feel as though shoes are very dirty.  I also feel like my home is a "nest" - very comfy and cozy, a place to relax.  Shoes, imo, are worn when I am going somewhere, they are not a part of my daily routine.  When...
I suppose "homemaker".  Both kids are in school all day and DH sleeps during those hours (he works the graveyard shift) so I spend that time cleaning, decorating, organizing, cooking, baking, etc.  I guess my main focus (during the day) is definitely 'feathering our nest' to make a comfortable, inviting, calm and happy environment for my family.
North Face, definitely.
DH and I have been watching since Season 1, episode 1 (own all DVDs, board games, watch it every day) and we both hoped they would end it when Michael leaves.   I just don't have high hopes.
Random note - if people don't know, a GREAT place for bras is figleaves.com.  I'm a 28D and it's the only place I've found that size.They start at 28AA and go up from there.
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