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  No, they are both vacuums.  After hours and hours of research, we chose the Eureka Enviro steamer for our steam mop.  It is AWESOME.
I have 2 children - a 4th grader and a 6th grader.  I have always been a SAHM (since I found out I was pregnant with my oldest).  I don't remember making a decision - I was a SAHM when they were home, I'm a SAHM now (I spend the day cleaning a house they live in, washing and drying clothes they wear, shopping for their groceries, volunteering at their schools, cooking their meals, etc.).  I do not regret it for one single, solitary moment.  The time will come when my...
I started SAH when I found out I was pregnant with #1 and never looked back.  I've been SAH for 12 years now, even though both kids have been in full-time school for more than 4 years (DD is 11, DS is 10).  I've been lucky, I suppose, as I rarely find anyone who finds my SAH to be anything less than great.  And if people don't like it... I couldn't care less.  This is my life and my family, which means it is OUR decision.  I have never regretted SAH but I KNOW if I...
HOLLISTER.  I'm 5'3", 100 lbs. and they are the only jeans that fit.  You'll need to have them hemmed (they run long).  Size 0 is the way to go.   Speaking of the myth of "skinny = in shape" (HA!)... DH ran a fundraising 5k the other day and so many people told him "I can't believe your wife isn't here."  If I "ran" a 5k, it'd take me an hour and I'd end it with a heart attack.  Okay, not that bad, but still.
I'll join (loved the old thread), even though mine aren't babies anymore (far from it, sadly),  DD was born at 7, 14 and petered off fairly quickly.  She was 18 lbs. at 1 year (people would do double and triple takes when she walked around public places), 23 lbs. at 2 years and slowed down even more after that.  At 9 years old, she tipped the scales at 44 lbs.  She recently had a growth spurt (wow!) and is now a 69 lb 11.5 y/o (and 4'8").  DS was 9,13 (11 days overdue...
I have 2 Dysons and love them.  I do a regular "bare floor" run and then I use the hose, to get every nook and cranny, and then use the steam mop.  I chose my steam mop after hours of research on multiple sites.  Very happy.  The steam mop is about the size of a large Swiffer (which I LOATHE).  It's $69 on Amazon right now. 
Eureka Enviro-steamer.    And I don't sweep.  I feel as though it just pushes dirt around (which re-settles everywhere).  I vacuum first.
Flat sheet, fitted sheet, comforter.  In the winter we change to flannel sheets and add a blanket under the comforter.
We have a 3-compartment sorter in the laundry room.  When one is full, we wash it.  We also re-wear certain clothes - kids' pajamas, jeans, hoodies, re-use towels.  I don't think the number of clothes has anything to do with it, especially if you only have so much room for the dirty ones.  Good luck!
Our Keurig, Kitchenaid stand mixer, the phone, our dog's cookie canister, a fruit bowl, 6 clear jars that hold baking staples.  That's 4 counters worth.
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