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We have the B70 Platinum and we LOVE it!    And, yes, it is pricey but it is SO quick and there are about 200 different coffees and teas, you can choose your cup size, they're nice to look at, so convenient.  DH and I were wasting coffee, we drank our coffe so differently (I like BOLD coffee, he likes sweeter, flavored,less robust), I was drinking way too much coffee (for fear of wasting the pot), etc.  It made sense for us. 
I never understand why people think the HP books get darker.  In the first one alone, Harry burns Voldemort's face off of the back of Quirrels' own head, killing the teacher (at the young age of 11).  We learn Harry's parents were murdered, Voldemort attempted to murder Harry (as a BABY), his aunt and uncle abuse him, Quirrell hexes Harry's broom while he's flying, we learn about the Restricted Section (and some of what those books hold), see the slaying and then...
Have you read The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo trilogy?  Really great.
The Art of Racing in th Rain, Helmet For My Pillow, The Things They Carried, One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest, 1984.
I agree.  Be gracious, it is the thought that counts when giving a gift and they thought of your LO which, imo, counts for something.  If we get a gift expecting something, we may be dissapointed, same as when we give something.  Things should be given abd gotten without expectations.  That's what makes it a gift.  I hope that made sense.    Thank them, donate it.
You should never change anything to fit in.  I am so sonfused by this post.  Who cares what kind of car you drive?  It's your car, you bought it because you wanted it, end of story.  If people are going to judge you simply on the type of car you drive, do you honestly want those people in your life at all?
School is back in session and my days are getting boring and lonely again. Throw into the mix the fact that DD is now in middle school and the volunteer oppurtunities there are about nil. I already signed up for PTA but that's about it. And I can only stalk DS so much. Poor kid is in 4th grade and needs a bit more space. So, I was hoping there are still some mamas out there who want to swap recipes, chat about their routines, offer book recommendations,...
Count me in! I go to the library at least 3 times/week. Just finished Slaughterhouse Five, The Hunger Games, Angela's Ashes and Such A Pretty Girl and am now reading The Know-it-All and We Were the Mulvaneys. I have 5 more books to read on my dresser
A cabinet. In that - nothing. I'm 5'2", I can't even SEE in the cabinet let alone reach it.
Bread drawer. At least that's what we call it. It's large enough for bread, tortillas, bagels and muffins.
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