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Quote: Originally Posted by annethcz Between #1 and #2: 7 months I guess I'll be the nosy one... how did that happen? Mine are 16 months apart.
I've wanted to be a wife and mother since around age 5 or 6 and have been a wife and mother since I was 19. I've always SAH and I still adore it after 11 years. Sure, it gets a little lonely sometimes but I am such a homebody that it's a plus. I also keep myself fairly busy with school, Scouts and sports. I'll only be 39 years old when my youngest leaves the nest so I figure I have plenty of time to work, but I will never get this time back. SAH means the world to me...
Good for you! Another great place to donate clothes to are battered women shelters.
I think a room without an area rug looks top-heavy. The rug really anchors the room in my opinion. To each his own, though. If you love it, go for it!
Haven't read the other posts, sorry, but here's my stab. Placement - Move the piano into the dining area. Move the tv to the piano's old spot. Leave the couches faces each other with a chair to the corner. Anything else is going to have a weird traffic flow and disrupt the entire area (you obviously can't put a sofa with it's back to the door and you can't put a sofa on the piano wall because it'll be past the walkway into the kitchen). No ottoman. If that's...
Hi all. Haven't posted here in a while. Still skinny (I'm sure I've posted before - I'm 5'3" around 102 right now, 00 jean), but have always been happy with my body. I mean, I'm not trying to gain or lose weight, just trying to get into better health. Like others, I absolutely HATE exercising but do LOVE the Shred video (Jillian from the Biggest Loser). It's only 20 minutes a day and is a great workout. There are 3 levels too so you can build up your tolerance ...
I cannot believe I am back here to add another story. Today we lost one of our own deputies - Deputy Kent Mundell - and I am just numb. This past month has been the longest of my life and I just wish life would slow down enough to let the healing. The wounds from the Lakewood shootings are still raw. To think I have another procession and memorial next week is too much right now. Please say a prayer for the Mundell family.
Make sure you get screw-backs, regardless. Nothing yells fake like straight backs that are over .5 carat each (1 tcw).
You can never go wrong with a family photo. I think getting a card with a nice photo lets me know someone is thinking of me and taking the time to let me know they care about me. That's what I think is important.
Easy, cheap and pretty: Take a wire coat hanger (or equivalent) and bend it into an "O". Buy 8" of 3 good quality fabrics (print on both sides is better). Cut it into 1" strips and knot all the way around the wire frame to make a beautiful wreath. Choose a brown, a blue and one with a blue/brown print or all 3 blue/brown prints. Cheap tapers shoved into a pretty bowl filled with sugar is nice too.
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