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October is 39/day. Highest this year was 41, lowest was 29. Four people in 2500 sq ft. We do have gas too (water heater, furnace, range, 2 fireplaces).
I misread the poll. I thought it was aking if we parked in our garage and I answered "always". But no, we never lock the car doors.
Youthful casual classic... ? Guess, BCBG, INC, Banana Republic - stuff like that. Clothes that are simple but not boring.
I'm still confused as to how race factors into this at all. I also think it's hypocritical to feel as though he is judging you while you just labelled him "ex cop". What does that even mean? I do think it was rude of him, yes, but I also thinks it rude to take off your shoes in an eating establishment.
#1 - Make sure EVERYTHING has a place. Good luck!
Again, I can't simply go by the rating. I mean, some Harry Potter movies are PG-13 and then movies like Be Cool, Anchorman, The Dark Knight, Couples Retreat, etc. are PG-13 too (YIKES.)
Wow, what a change! Congrats on the little one. Keep us updated (if you can)!
I have an armoire for storage (keeps me sane). The top 3 cubbies hold (left) notebooks (middle) bill box with bills, stamps, envelopes and checkbook and (right) our camera. The computer area has a pen basket, the monitor and speakers. Under that, by my feet and knees, is the printer and printer paper. In the right cabinet are (top shelf) markers, pencils, colored pencils and crayons (all secluded in their own baskets and boxes) and (bottom shelf) the modem. In the 2...
Search by room, keyword, rating (or all three!) on this website. Its my fav.
Here's 94 to scroll through
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