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We make a few different types of cookies and walk them around to all of our (close) neighbors. We go ice-skating at least once. We drive around and look at lights. We cut down our own tree each year, get apple cider and listen to a homemade Christmas CD on the way there and back. We decorate it the next day. We all pile into my bed, read The Night Before Christmas, and sleep together Christmas Eve night. We watch the classics - Rudolph, the Grinch, Frosty. ...
This is quite the interesting thread and I wanted to open up a new can of worms for debate. What about incest? You could argue it is a victimless, consensual crime... and... GO!
Quote: Originally Posted by Pinoikoi I have "special occasion dresses" in the back of my closet. I like to find them at thrift stores when they are super cheap, dry clean them and then hang them up there I do that too! I probably have 5 or 6 I've never worn that are ready for action when needed. I have gone out and bought something too, though.
We have one large glass pitcher that holds all of our change and one dollar bills (in the first years of our marriage, we only kept the change). We empty it and add it up each year and use it for spending money on vacation. This year, I've been putting $5 bills in too so it should add up very quickly!.
Quote: Originally Posted by Ksenia People who have tidy homes who say they don't spend much time probably don't even realize how it all adds up...and they probably save some time by doing proactive stuff like making sure that the dishwasher is emptied of clean dishes right away so that dirty ones can be put in rather than cluttering countertops. That's a good point. I never read the other thread but I remember thinking "2 HOURS???". BUT, I am...
We have a small 3 drawer dresser in the laundry room (right next to the garage so it's easily accessed when we leave in the morning) that fits next to the dryer. It holds hats, scarves and mittens/gloves. Where is your exit/entry point? Do you have a coat closet?
Quote: Originally Posted by anomaly13 Let me just say that bathroom grout must be sealed, especially around the toilet and especially when there are men/boys using said toilet. Gross, please seal your grout. Totally. A friend of ours has unsealed grout in the bathroom with 3 boys and it is nasty. The smell alone is horrible. We sealed all of our grout the day after we moved in and we haven't had one problem with it.
Nothing says hominess to me like nature and texture. I can see the most beautifully decorated room but if it is all metal and stone, I feel cold and disconnected. I really enjoy bringing in natural elements: fruits, plants, pine cones, acorns, tons of wood, flowers, woven baskets, stone. As for texture, I like a few large throw pillows, some throw blankets, lots of fullness on the window coverings - all different materials. I like soft, nubby, corduroy, cotton,...
Donate or give them to someone else. It's silly to have something just because someone else thought you should have it. It'd be much better to give to someone who will enjoy it and use it.
Thanks for all of the replies! The movie was actually spur of the moment - the birthday girl got it as one of her gifts, so I don't really fault the mom for not running it past me and/or letting me know beforehand. I just think it may have been saved for another time and place after she had run it by parents. And, I have read the books (well, the first 3, they steadily declined in quality and I can't bring myself to crack open the last one). BUT, the mom hadn't! ...
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