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2 parents, 2 children, one dog and we've lived in 3 homes: #1 - 650 sq. ft. house, 2 small bedrooms, 1 bathroom #2 - 1800 sq. ft. house, 3 good-sized rooms, 2.5 bathrooms, family room #3 - 2500 sq. ft. house, 5 normal-sized bedrooms, 2.5 bathrooms, family room I think the first was way too tiny and we moved after 6 months. It was just not enough space. I'm a SAHM and I felt as though I was constantly tripping over something (and we had almost no clutter, it...
Quote: Originally Posted by Porcelain Interior I think the damage and trauma is always in how it's handled afterwards- not the sex part. I think that's true of most everything, really. Children take cues from how you act and I think you acted beautifully. Sex isn't dirty, nobody did anything wrong, etc. Good job, mama!
It was her second sleepover and I knew this may come up at some time (just not so soon). So, I guess I'm wondering how many other parents would have asked if this was acceptable before showing it to other children (I know I would have, heck I asked if A League of their Own was okay). I mean, I'm not really upset she watched it (although I would've liked to have seen it first or, at least, with her if we made that decision), I was just a bit put-out that I had no choice...
Quote: Originally Posted by MusicianDad Not only is it wrong, but it has previously been determined to be inherently ineffective since the focus is on self and not that actual wrong act. I couldn't agree more. I am always sad when I see children labeled. When my child does something wrong, I try to address the issue, not shame them or tell them they are 'bad'. If a child lies, they should be taught that lying is wrong and why, not that they...
Water, water and more water. We also used mineral oil daily and put flax in oatmeal, cereals, anything that could be mixed. DS's was extremely bad (emphasis on extremely) and these helped the most.
I do I keep every stitch of artwork and every written paper too (even practice spelling tests and math sheets). I keep them in sweater boxes, by child, by year, in the garage. I'm sure I'll go through it one day and weed it down but for now, I love having it all. I do really love the digital idea. I've heard of taking it a step further and putting all of the pics onto one of those digital frames to shuffle through the artwork on display
I've had the freezer-on-top model, the side-by-side model and the french-door model. My least favorite, by far, was the side-by-side. The freezer space is a joke because it is so narrow and feels too cramped, many items don't even fit in there. My favorite is the french-door model which we have now because of the fridge space and the freezer set-up. I guess a lot does depend on the actual model, though.
I'll be honest, I didn't love the wedding scene. I thought it was poorly edited and choppy. Jim's look at the end, when they're on the boat, is the best part of the entire series, imo. It said so much - finally, it was all worth it. In those 2 seconds he looked at the camera, I flew back through every single fight, laugh, tear, heartache, triumph, near miss and disappointment in their 'relationship', even before they knew it was a relationship. UGH, getting teary over...
THIS THREAD IS AMAZING! I've read through each post now and think I audibly gasped about 9 times. My list of nauseating disappointments: The Memory Keeper's Daughter She's Come Undone I Know This Much Is True I Capture the Castle The Great Gatsby The Alchemist The Lovely Bones House of Sand and Fog Eat, Pray, Love The Twilight series Those are all off the top of my head.
Quote: Originally Posted by daytripper75 Tuck them in your phone book. =) In their corresponding page.
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