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The Happy Homeschooler link I have no longer works and I didn't see the original text in any of the pages that Google brought up in my quick search. Does anyone have or know of another place where it is posted? Thanks!
I'm in a pretty similar situation. My ds is almost four and my dn is two. I've lent clothes to my sis for him, labeled and knowing they might not come back "good as new", and have received most things back in great condition. Now she had her second son back in March and my baby is due in a couple of weeks. We both understand the lending is going to be much less because of the kids close proximity age-wise, especially if my new little one is also a boy. However, she has...
Quote: Originally Posted by chickabiddy Kia also defers to the carseat manufacturer. What seat do you have? Ds is FF in a Britax Boulevard and I'm about to order a True Fit for the new baby.
Naomi passed peacefully in her sleep during the night. Thank you again to all who have sent thoughts and prayers. Please keep her son in your hearts.
Thank you to all who have kept Naomi and her family in their prayers. I received this update from Naomi's parents today. For those we have not been in touch with regularly, Naomi is now being heavily sedated.*There is nothing left to do or try since her platelets are way too low to risk any other interventions.*All we can do is let her go peacefully.*She's been so strong throughout these last 3 months, with a great will to survive.*If anyone could have succeeded, it...
This one from SwaddleBaby worked better than any of the others for us, including the velcro ones. It is huge, easy to use and held up very well through many washings. Actually it's in good enough shape to use with our next one.
Also, you might want to get a wool pad like a Snugglewool or such to help keep the baby comfy temperature-wise if you're not wearing him.
Will you be wearing the baby a lot? If so how about a Solarveil sling? I think they are supposed to block about 80% of the UV rays. Or if the baby will spend lots of time in a stroller or bucket seat while at the pool you could get something like this parasol or this cabana. hth
I did a lot of research a few years ago when we bought our bed and there is tons of negative info out there about the off-gassing of memory foam and the health issues arising from its use. Currently we're also in the process of buying a first bed for our son. Futons are supposed to be really good for children and support. In trying to get the most natural mattress possible for our budget a futon seems the best choice for him. I'm looking at possibly getting one from Small...
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