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Thank you both for these recommendations, I'll be checking them out this afternoon.
Mine's too young right now as well but we will get one of the Migo type phones when he is older and starts attending activities without us - probably around 8 yrs old I predict.
Something along the lines of a Sunday school or VBS curriculum with concept related bible stories and extension activities. I'm not looking for a whole homeschool curriculum like Sonlight or My Father's World that covers all subject areas, just something to help me organize a devotional lesson a few times a week. Any suggestions?
An area church is offering a seminar sponsored by the National Center for Biblical Parenting and led by the authors of, "Parenting is Heart Work". I heard positive reviews of the church itself from a few other GD practicing parents but know nothing about this seminar or book specifically. I skimmed the website but couldn't really glean much info. Anyone have experience with this book or program that can tell me if it is GD or if they are pro punishment?
How taboo is it to reuse elements from last years map, or the map as a whole? Mine has been in storage for most of the year and I just pulled it out last week in prep for gearing up for this year. Although I did have a lot of great movement in some areas, some were barely touched. The whole thing is still really speaking to me. Is it okay to reuse it, maybe adding a few new images or pulling the couple that feel "old". Or is this a big no-no?
Quote: Originally Posted by OurGift I would love to give my son DH's first as a middle, but that is not how his family tradition goes. Fun stuff, right? If you and your dh both like this idea then go with it no matter what the tradition is. Believe me, the family will have plenty more things to shake their heads about in the coming years. You guys are the ones that need to feel the name is right for your ds.
This was several years ago as my dss is up and out now, but we had a rule against her coming in the house as well. Twice when dropping him off from a visit she was able to convince dss to let her in claiming she had to use the restroom. The first time dh came home early and found her there. We reiterated the rule to both of them but a few weeks later she did the same thing. The second time though dss was nervous about being caught again and went to look for her after a few...
Quote: Originally Posted by Irishmommy I wouldn't let EITHER of my kids over. What if you don't let ds over and the dog transfers his agression to your dd? Quote: Originally Posted by Liquesce This. you just have to look at it from the point of view of it being their decision. They have the chance for your kids to come to them -- by refusing to keep the dog enclosed when they're there, they are making a choice to not have...
I pulled into a Walmart (I know, I know) parking lot a couple of years ago and the car that pulled in next to me had two kids under two in the backseat with no carseats. The littlest one, under one year old, had a very loose seat belt looped around him. I tried to talk nicely to the parents but their position was they didn't care these were not "their" laws and "everybody does it this way in our country". I said first of all it is about safety and second you are in this...
One preschool I worked at had to close the parking lot for a month to have it reconstructed. We had to change the pick-up procedure so that the parents formed a line of cars in front of the school and we teachers delivered children to them. By the third day the entire staff agreed that all the inconvenience was a blessing in disguise because there were so many parents in violation of even the basic laws and safety regulations. We sent at least a dozen parents home to...
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