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I'm so glad to read this thread! We are also looking into the possiblity of moving to Orlando area. My hubby's office will be in Maitland but we can live anywhere within driving distance. I read Oviedo and Lake Mary are nice, and sound alot like where we live now (green golf community, all white/christian) but wonder about other good areas as well. I'm open to direction if anyone has some :)
Any crunchy areas in Orlando, FL??
Thanks for your info. My husband is considering a position in FL as well. The corporate office is in Maitland. Is that a nice area to live/work/play?    We live in Houston now (well, actually a suburb of Houston) and have so much to do, with nice trails and parks on every corner. I'm looking for somewhere with a strong school system- my daughter is in GT now and I'd like for her to continue to IB program if possible. 
No but I say go for it! You won't regret having another but might regret not (if that makes sense).
I was given the same advice by a pediatric dentist, and didn't clip DS's. His lips never flanged out either. Then, when he started crawling he fell and ripped it on his own, but it didn't improve things for us. His lips still don't flang out now that he takes a bottle either.
I'm not sure if he didn't like to or couldn't because of all of his issues, but he refused to latch wide open. I just gave up the hope after a while; it infuriated him when I tried to make him...so it's hard to say definitively what/why he wouldn't open up wide. He did clamp down by breast between his gums in the beginning (before we discovered he was tt, I even commented to DH that I felt like he was "teething or something"!), apparently that is a common thing among tt...
We never could get a good latch (even bullseye, he would push the breast out every single time). DS would only latch onto the end of my nipple (it hurt like hell until the end). One thing that we did to help him was to create an oversupply so that the letdown was plentiful for him. Then it just took so much time for him to nurse, double or triple even the normal amount. He nursed almost hourly until the end in order to get the ounces he needed. I also took more milk plus...
Well since you mentioned genetics, I must add that I have a high palate and am posterior tt (though my mom switched to bottles very quickly because i was inconsolable ) so maybe it is genetic, or like you said, maybe it's specific nutritional deficiency. Personally, I've poured over every syndrome or medical theory out there, but haven't been convinced that it's any one thing...   DD was fine, no palate/tt issues at all. 
I have a feeling that it could be a midline defect, as DS also has the sacral dimple and high palate. But I must say that my diet was stellar with and before conceiving DS so I don't see how I could have avoided it in that way. Also, this is what gets me. In breastfeeding, the tongue also has to be free to raise up to support the breast with the mouth fully opened, which is the big difference between bottle feeding and breastfeeding. If the tongue is posterior tongue...
DS is 18 mos and still wears soft soled shoes mainly. He has a couple pair of 'real' shoes but seldomly wears them. I think around 2 is when we will quit doing the soft soled shoe thing.   My LOs have never worn through a pair of soft soled shoes, but I also rotate between a few pairs so maybe that's why... I get them second hand from friends, shops, etc. I can't fathom paying $30 for a thin piece of leather that will be outgrown in a couple months.
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