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Also, don't hesitate to take her to an LC. They are worth their weight in gold!!
I agree with the pp. Posterior tt can be hard to diagnose. My DS could stick his tongue out past his bottom lip but he couldn't lift it up to his palate (to support or 'hold' the breast) so he clicked and lost suction constantly.   Also, I've heard lip tie and tt go hand in hand because it occurs during the same process (or lack there of) while in utero.   Good luck.
Some people are just weird. Co sleeping is normal and healthy and doesn't have a time limit.   My husband comes from a culture where families co sleep until they go off to marry (yes, teenagers and their parents sometimes co sleep, though it is usually on the floor because families are big). It's normal.   Is the real issue that some people think co sleeping and having sex are synonymous??
Well I'm a tad bit biased because I had my kids at age 23 and 28, but I think it's better in most cases for women to have kids while they're younger and not wait for x, y, z...unless in an extreme situation. As women, our peak fertility is 18-25 (according to my MW) and after 30, well, things start declining pretty rapidly and as you know the health risks go up.  You will not regret it...    
DD went to a baby sitter at 1, then a fulltime daycare at 2 1/2. She hardly cried at either transition, though this is her personality (outgoing, independent, etc).   DS on the other hand, is a different kid. He will not even stay 15 in the YMCA childcare. However, I'm going back to school in the fall so he'll be at a montessori school 2 days per week. I think he'll be upset at first but will adjust quickly since he'll have a few new playmates and lots of new...
He has only been seen by the general ECI coordinator, right now he's only doing speech therapy but I'll ask the coordinator next time I speak to her for an eval for OT.   I am going to check out those books. He does sound like he might benefit from sensory therapy. I definetly think it's more sensory but see how easily he could be labeled as ADHD down the line.
Yes, please share what AFO's are. We have removed many pieces of furniture from our house, and have rearranged the remaining to keep him from hurting himself. His ECI coach describes him as extremely 'motor driven' but I'm beginning to wonder if there is something more underlying.   Right after I posted this thread he fell into the wall so hard he put a huge knot on his head (this is a normal thing) and then a few minutes later threw a tantrum in the kitchen and...
DS was born at home and except for a small period of tachycardia, the delivery went well. We discovered he was posterior tonguetied, had significan oral motor deficiencies, and a high palate when he was failing to gain weight around 5 wks. For that we did OT with a speech pathologist to get him nursing well and he improved, but still was FTT.   He has always been a 'soft' baby, but not lagging in gross or fine motor skills. He rolled over, crawled, walked right on...
It has been my experience that GA isn't necessary for a frenectomy on a 6 wk old. 6 wks, at DS (full term, big baby) had his done in-office, numbed with oragel. I held him in my arms the nurse steadied his head and the doc did the clip, all in about 8 seconds. There are many risks in GA, I would ask her to ask her doc why it is necessary.   And yes, breastmilk is ok because it is absorbed very quickly, unlike "food" (formula, etc).
I would definitely have the xray needed for the tooth in question. There is only a small amount of radiation in 1 xray and it wouldn't bother me as much as the thought of my baby having pain/injury.
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