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We are in the same predicament. I am checking DS's carseat because I'll too many other pieces to manage by myself. I did not want to buy a separate cover bag so I am using the bag for my huge camping backpack.
I had a molar implant in Feb and was breastfeeding DS at the time. The perio gave me a light local anesthetic (w/o epinephrine because I'm sensitive), pulled the tooth, packed it with bone graft material, then did the implant in the same day. I was put on abx and a pain pill/motrin, which I hardly needed after the first day. He told me they were all fine for breastfeeding. I did not pump and dump or anything.
I wouldn't be concerned at the sugar water, but the GA? Now that's risky business. DS had his tt clipped at 6 wks and the doc numbed it with oragel swab. They don't do GA until the baby is 6 mos because by then they can put up a fight...
DH is currently studying for his masters. He works full time and takes night classes part time (2 at a time). I'm a SAHM, part time Distance Learning (online) student also. We are broke most of the time but its ok.
Yes, we fall above their 'livable' wage but I honestly don't see how. We barely spend $400-500 per month on groceries and that's a luxury. The calculator gave me nearly $700.
DD was 4 but physically she was above the 95% in height and weight, so she no longer fit any of our carseats and I didn't know any other options. DS is a tall, skinny lightweight so I'd imagine he'll stay harnessed for quite some time.
How are things going now?
No suggestions, just commiseration. It is not understood why some moms/babies struggle with thrush and some don't. I know a mom who got thrush every month with her period and she eventually weaned around 18 months. My rule of weaning was "I'll do it when it's not working for one of us" (for us it was extreme nipple pain from DS's issues) and so I completely understand your position.
There are temporary fillings that you can get at any Wallyworld, target, etc. That might make it feel better if it's bothering her. Poor thing, im sorry she had to go through that.   DD uses a regular dentist who is truely kid-friendly. Maybe ask around at mom's groups for recommendation?
Even stepping out of the room for 5-10 seconds isn't a good habit. There are so many things that could pull me away- the door bell, the phone ringing, the teapot, etc. 5 seconds could easily turn into 5 minutes. I'm not saying that other moms here would forget about their babe but I guess I just don't trust myself. Keeping focus isnt my stronghold, so when I leave the bathroom, so does DS.
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