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My DH is from a neighboring N. African country and the situation is the same. We will have to deliver all of our babies here int he US since I'm a VBAC mom. Doctors in these countries will only do c-sections for moms who've had a previous c/s. Doctors and delivery in a hospital are a sign of privelege and wealth, status. Same goes for formula feeding. :(   Its very sad, it seems they are going too far with over-medicalization
Not ok with me. If 6 yo DD is sitting in the tub with him, then yes, I can dart away for a few seconds, but it's too risky. If something were to distract me (happens constantly) I could easily be gone longer than intended and brain damage happens too quickly. Nope. Wouldn't risk it.
AT 16 mos, DS started STTN just a few days after we weaned (total weaning). It was indeed a few rough nights and I broke down a few times and nursed him, but yah, it was def worth it!
That's a tough position to be in. I'm sorry. I don't have any experience with getting her to nurse again but if it were me, I'd at minimum try to keep her hydrated by other means (water, juice, etc) so she doesn't become dehydrated and need fluids at a hospital.   I hope it passes soon! 
I've had two late speakers too. DD didn't make recognizable words until she was 2ish, and phrases until she was 3. DS seems to be following that pattern. We are workign with ECI as well and the lady told me to teach him sign language, and actually, the few signs that I've taught him have really helped! He tells me he wants to eat, he wants to drink, and we are working on "Give me". She says it helps some kids to move toward speaking.    
Well i might be. That's all. We are avoiding for a couple more years, and using FAM. I wasn't temping, just going by CM. It was EW last Wed and Thursday it was scant on Friday, so Saturday we DTD and then today I got watery CM. So we might not have been in the clear. I'm hoping we were because DS is more than I can handle right now!!   Ah! I'm pulling my hair out!     It's going to be a long 2weeks...(sigh)         I went and took folic acid just to...
the ladies over in Allergies have all kinds of info on this. That might be a good starting place.   I have heard about what she's talking about though. Just dont know much though.
Both mine did it too. Completely normal. Although when we figured out that DS was TT we realized he was probably genuinely hungry and / or in pain. But anyway, is he gaining well? Any other things to mention? Fussiness? Pain? Drooling? If not, he's probably just acting like a normal breastfed baby.   We found out DS really liked the stroller so when I reached the end of my rope, I would feed him and then DH would take him on a walk to give me a breather. Then we he...
Re tongue tie, does her tongue raise up when she cries or does it stay flat? DS could stick his tongue out but it couldn't raise up.
How old is your LO? You might want to see an LC because he might have an anatomical reason why he only wants one side (DS had more lip weakness on one side and thus preferred the other side). Although, it's not uncommon for women to produce more milk on one side and their babes to prefer it over the other side either. Hard to tell.
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