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lol I'm sorry I'm smiling because I DS had a sunflower shell up his nose the other day!   I'd probably take her to a pedi or someone with a scope just to peep up there and make sure there are no more. It could get yucky if there's one stuck up there!
Anything with 'sauce' works well for DS, though he's not so picky. He just doesn't eat much. For example, pasta and veggies with marinara sauce, chicken breast dipped in ketchup, homemade french fries with mayo/ketchup, glazed carrots, fruit with yogert, etc.   Oh, and cheesy mashedpotatoes and broccoli (or any other soft veggie) is one of his favorites.
Both of mine got there 1st tooth right at a year.   My dentist says it's probably better because there is less exposure to sugar/bacteria while they're little and there jaw is a bit bigger when the teeth come out so there's slightly less crowding. Maybe it's true, DD has great teeth, no cavaties.
I had to supplement DD after 7 months (like you, I returned to work and couldn't pump enough). I think at that point their stomach is 'sealed' more than at the newborn stage and there is less risk for allergies, etc. I felt ok with it after a bit, but still nursed her all the time at home (until she was 14 months) and still coslept so she still got the closeness she loved. DD is super smart and loving. No long term damage here. lol
I'm in tears reading your post. My DD was born the same year my father died. I've often dreamt of the awesome grandpa he would have been. He had this giant belly that I know my kids would have loved bouncing on. I'm sorry they didn't get to know him.   I try to tell DD about my father as much as possible. I tell her about how he didn't like to wear shoes or jackets outside, that he was so funny, and how he loved butter. lol   Big hugs to you. It won't seem like...
We have a pretty strict 1 hr max rule here. Though there are definitely days without any TV. I find that if I have a really fun activity as an alternative it makes turning off the TV easier "Ok, TV time is over. Now we are going to make muffins and I need your help" kinda thing.
Well, I'll preface this by saying that before I had kids I had a lot of ideas of how I would raise them, but alas, I had them and had to roll with the punches. lol I don't have cable or satellite, but we do have a selection of carefully chosen VHS tapes.   DD got the gift set Baby Einstein DVDs and didn't like it. But she did get to watch cartoons, not for hours on end, but more than a few times! DS doesn't watch hours on end either, but Sesame St and a few others he...
Well admittedly, I'm passionately in love with my umbrella stroller. And? It's so handy. It makes my life so much easier. It's been across airports all over the world and back again, down every store isle around, and kept DS safe from running into streets. It's a handy device and I could care less if someone passes judgement for me using it. I used slings, a moby, and meitei when he was younger but now I find it too tiring (and he doesn't like being carried anymore...
What does she have against using the EPO next to your cervix? I put a couple of the big capsules there every night before bed. Along with DTD every day, I think it helped move things along (I went into labor on my due date). Not certain though.
DS loves his cozy coup and his sand box (and he loves to eat the sand too). A friend of mine introduced me to balance bikes and I'll be getting on of those soon (at around 24 months).
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