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I'm fertile again, and while we are not trying and are avoiding pregnancy (via charting), I keep thinking about when and if we get pregnant again, if we'll have another HB. We transferred twice in DS's delivery (once in labor for bradycardia) and after for PPH due to retained placenta. All in all, I"m so happy I had my HBAC, DS was perfect, and I'm so happy with the way my MWs handled the situations. So happy, I couldn't have asked for better healthCARE. Love...
Honestly, the hospital sounds like an ok place to birth. I had a great HBAC, minus the PPH for retained placenta, but it would be great to have that option next time.   I would make a list (because they help me) and write it all out- advantages and disadvantages of each. Consider that you can switch to a hospital birth at any time, but you cannot usually switch to a HB MW at the very end, because MWs usually like to really get to know their mommas.    Oh, and don't...
I'd stick to what she likes, and add calories wherever I could. Adding the calories by adding fat is what works best and is what they need at this age. I read in the allergy forum that sometimes failure to gain weight can be related to the intolerances, so you might check more into that.
Part of it may be an age thing, but if she's losing weight, I'd be concerned too. What does her pedi/HCP say?    What does she like? What didn't she like?    Have you tried the usual toddler finger foods?   DS likes small hamburger patties, fried fish, diced chicken breasts, meatloaf, cheesy mashed potatoes, french fries (from scratch), creamed spinach, cheese cubes, bean burritos, grilled cheese sandwich, any fruit, pasta/macaroni, banana bread, oatmeal...
I was told to spank my toddler (not even 14 mos old) to prevent him from climbing on the table. And if I was uncomfortable doing that in public I could pinch him instead. Ummm, no!
It is possible to get pregnant while breastfeeding for some women, but others find that it is difficult due to the hormones involved (hopefully someone will chime in) which can delay ovulation and make conceiving difficult. Sometimes just cutting down can help tremendously, othertimes, completely weaning is the only solution for a return to fertility.   How old is your DC?  
13 mos here.
Well if you cycles are very irregular, then you can't really be late then, right?   But that doesn't mean you can't test! lol
Neither does my DP...but that doesn't stop me! lol 
That's probably more than I would do with a nursling. I know that's no reason to wean, but it will be a really long time (overnight), especially for a 13 mo. I'd postpone away trips until baby is weaned (or over 3). Just me though. 
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