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My mother and sister are both in yo-yo relationships with complete UAV's. Each time they break up, either because the other goes to jail, cheats, abuses, etc. they get mad and then go right back after the anger subsides. They say I don't understand. Maybe I don't, but I try. But I think I just can just see through the BS because I'm not sleeping with the violator. I'm letting myself get so wrapped up in their problems it's affecting my life! I've read Codependency No...
I labored after 8cm and delivered in the fishy pool (the largest size because I'm 6'0'' tall), it was perfect! Up until then I used the shower and the hot water rocked for back labor. I would ONLY do it again this way!
Yes, carry on and avoid that dr. next time because who knows what other koooky advice will be given!
lol BB! I must be insane with all of DS's issues! lol But alas, the baby itch is there. I guess this is why so many babes are 2 years apart. The difficult infant stage is passed and the baby is now an adorable toddler, and not a full blown tantrum throwing machine yet.   
Remind me why I don't need to get pregnant right now...   Like I need to lose weight   Like I want to finish BFing DS   Like I still haven't finished my bachelors   Or like I don't think I can handle another...     Anyone need reassurance that they don't need another right now? Join me!  
My water broke when DS's head emerged, yep- born in the caul. It was a water birth. 
I had one too, at 5 1/2 wks- i thought i was miscarrying. They confirmed it at my date scan at 8 wks, then by 20 wks it was gone. I think every 2 wks is overkill- also known as CYA (cover your as*)...
I'm kinda relaxed when it comes to pumps and sharing breastmilk, so I wouldn't have a problem buying a used pump. I'd boil the parts that I could and get on with things...
I empathize your anticipation of problems, as I ponder future kids I can't picture a 'normal' breastfeeding baby either! A special needs baby will do that to you.   That said, I agree w/ PPs- there are so many different types/opinions of LCs- they are money well spent. I was stubborn because I thought I knew everything, having already successfully nursed one baby and boy, do I regret that now! I waited 5 wks (of AGONY) before I broke down and sought professional...
That is soo cute! If DS didn't already play with any of DD's hundreds of baby dolls, I'd buy it! 
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