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Just about to start!! I've been doing Fat Flush for 6 weeks and have lost 14 lbs, but I can't handle the amount of meat I'm supposed to eat. Looking forward to switching over to ETL!!!
Hi there-- I'll be traveling to visit my terminally ill mother in coming weeks. I'm bringing my 4 year old son and am hoping that I can find some local playmates, so he has fun on the trip while I help my mother. PM me if you're in the area and would like to get together, or let me know if there are any great things to do with kids there. I've lived there myself, but wasn't a mother at the time. Thanks!!! Adrienne
Quote: Originally Posted by zjande Oh, I see. Well, I guess I'll find out when we cancel. Which probably won't be for several more years since we have a new diaperling coming in Oct. Congratulations!!!: You might want to consider "settling up" with them before the baby comes, so you have an accurate, agreed up number of diapers without any so-called lost ones before you start fresh with the new baby. Then it won't be so long of a...
Quote: Originally Posted by zjande Huh, that sucks to hear about your disappointments with them! We've been using them for over 3 yrs now & have never had a problem. They've always been awesome for us. But that's the point....they're fine while you're using the service, but once you cancel they tell you that you haven't returned diapers and charge you for them.
This happened to me and my neighbor. I think it's their m.o. and unless you throw a fit, they are going to get away with it enough of the time for it to be profitable. Both of us were able to get them to correct it, but it took a fight. I've heard of lots of other people too. I think the attorney general should check it out.
Hey...if anyone is up, I just saw a teaser for the news. Stephanie's (Ember) story with DHS is going to be on channel 2 at 11:00!!!
Quote: Originally Posted by ancoda Those poor kids. I have been following this since a little before Christmas, and really hoping for a better outcome. Shame on DHS. Could not agree more! Absolutely defies logic and sanity. DHS has some massive UAV's on the case! Our tax dollars at work.: HELP! Does anyone have a paella pan that I can borrow for a week?
Quote: Originally Posted by PGNPORTLAND My pap smear was funny. She got the speculum in and started humming to herself. Than she said "I always hum when I do pap smears" and I said "Well, it's certainly better than whistling". You crack me up, Pauline!!!
Quote: Originally Posted by mamaonthefarm I'm looking for swimming pools for kids that have as little chlorine as possible. I know of the saltwater pool Le Petit Dauphin but it's across town from us. Anyone know of any other saltwater pool or some other pool that stays hygienic via other methods than high chlorine? (Portland Eastside, close to Oregon City) Thanks in advance! There is a salt-water pool at Cascade Fitness Club by Mall 205. It's a...
Quote: Originally Posted by cellarstella oh, whoops, my People's is the one off Powell! Those who eat eggplant... what's your fave way to make it? I'm not into baba ganoush or eggplant parmesan. I know I've had eggplant before and liked it... I just don't remember what it was. I found some recipes for dips, casseroles, and just baking slices with toppings. Opinions? Caponata, use it in a lasagna instead of noodles (roast it first),...
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