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Homestead Emporium for sure
add brown rice to my list!
I'm not as crunchy as I once was.. but my list would include the following.  I would get most of it at Costco.   Small red beans (because hubby likes them better than pinto, kidney or black) White beans green split peas   Oats (whole oatmeal) WW flour WW pasta   Sugar brown sugar powdered sugar mini choc chips   maple syrup honey olive oil   Almonds pecans dried cranberries dried blueberries unsweetened applesauce peanut...
lurking for the fave ipod casts... i need to start C25H again
bbm, loved the RR!     in the winter when my skin gets really dry, I add an extra fish oil supplement.  after 2 days, my skin stops itching and looks great.  HTH 
great rr nic.  I've enjoyed reading the last 12 pages here!
just popping in to say Hi and to look for some Disney RR's....
what did I miss??? WHATEVER IT WAS, IT MADE ME CHECK IN!!! (woops, sorry for teh caps) A tri-friend is making me do C25K with her. We're on week 2, and it's been soo easy (compared to the last time that I did it 3 years ago). I'm really glad that I am doing it, as I have not been running as much as I have been swimming and biking. My swimming is really picking up. Tamara, I miss you there!!! I've been swimming w/ Bonnies' group W at 9:45 and Angies group F...
Lisa, I do get GD with my pregnancies, the insulin dependent kind. FWIU, The thing is, as long as you check your bloodsugars fasring and post meal.... and if your body reacts eating your food (as opposed to 50g of orange sugar) and has normal blood sugar, then you are at no different risk than that on a non-GD mama. So as long as your BS readings are normal, the GD should be a non-issue. I refused all of the orange drink testing the 2nd and 3rd pregnancies, and just...
I just signed up for a tri in June. http://www.irongirl.com/Events/Atlanta/Registration.htm It's a 600/ 18/ 5K I'm excited. Yesterday at swim practice we did a time trial thype thing (I've never done this before). We swam 1000 meters, adn she times us, and then she divided our time by 10. I swam the 40 laps in 22 minutes, so I guess my average 100 pace is 2:20, or somethign like that?? anyway, she said we will retest every 2 months or so, so we can try to improve
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