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I was really mad when it happened, but now that I've had time to reflect I believe she was trying to clean up her mess the best she knew how.  And yes I agree that she is old enough to clean up her own mess, but I have issues with her touching the germs.  It makes me a little edgy and irritable.  Thanks so much for responding.
I ended up cleaning up the poo then smearing chocolate all over the bathroom for DD to clean up.  She was very helpful.  Then I went upstairs and discovered what DD and DS were up to while I was cleaning up the poo, making another mess.  They emptied out every bottle of soap, bubbles, and hair product they could get their hands on then painted the upstairs bathroom.  My mom is watching them in the bath now while I cool down and figure out a consequence.  
My DD turns 5 next week and has recently decided to start painting with her poop.  It has happened 4 times in less than 2 weeks and is progressively getting more extensive.  Today it is all over her and the bathroom, plus she has stuffed the toilet full of TP so I have to fish it out.   I think part of the issue is dietary since she has been experiencing excessive stinky gas, so I suspect the poo may be messy to wipe.  I will talk to her about this.       Any...
My DS was a biter too with similar triggers, it seemed it was about a strong need to put his mouth on me.  He doesn't go to daycare, but he does have a twin sister whom he was biting.  When I wan't available he would bite her instead.  The solution isn't ideal, but when I redirected him to lick me instead the biting stopped.  He was interested in the licking for a few weeks he would lick me mostly, but sometimes his sister.  Then he cut back after the newness wore off,...
We make short (almost) daily trips to different stores, that way it is just part of the routine. I time the outing to coordinate with lunch and let the kiddos eat while they are in the cart. You have also gotten lots of other great advice here about keeping things playful and holding LO if necessary. Good luck.
OP, I'm not sure how old your LO is but it sounds like she is mobile. When my twins were about 9 months old I taught them to back down off the bed so they could get out safely. As for your MIL, if she really thought it was a "death trap" then why did she leave LO there?
Thank you so much for replying, this tells me exactly what I need to get started.
I'm planning on making DS a weighted blanket and need an idea of size and weight specifications. He just truned 3 and weighs 30 pounds. I've heard 10% of body weight plus one pound is a good weight, this would be a 4 lb blanket. But what size is the blanket supposed to be? TIA
I have heard that Daybreak Star Cultural Center is a great place to visit in Seattle. http://www.unitedindians.org/
You might want to take a look at khanacademy.org, he has some videos there, under talks and interviews, that explain why it is important for people to learn at their own pace. Lots of other resources there for older kids.
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