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Baby Esther born at home on 7th Jan 2013. 9lb11oz. My 2nd HBAC.     
I'm a beginner knitter and have finished these :)  
Here at home in a birth pool like her brother  just a couple minutes past midnight on New Years Day. The first baby of the new year in the world (as we are the first country to see the new day).
22 weeks :)    
A little girl for us :)
Here's our baby girl! :)
19 weeks :) Anatomy scan on Monday, will finally found out how many I have in there
Cant wait to hear what your midwife thinks mamaharrison! My midwife thinks it's unlikely I have two in there, but I feel huge! My belly is the same size as 22 - 24 weeks with DS and I'm not even 19 weeks yet. Check out what I woke up to this morning....
My DS was very active in the womb. You could see his movement from the outside at 17 weeks and it felt like he moved constantly. Always strong movements and rolls and kicks. And I had way more belly fat than I do this time. This one I've only just started feeling at 18 weeks, and its still very gentle and not very often. They can be so very different! I have also had twin feeling's since very early on based on the size of my belly and have many, many sets of twins on my...
17 weeks  17 weeks - clothed    
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