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Hi... we're nursing! Most likely I'll be tandem nursing for the third time -- and it really works well for us.
Welcome !!!! Third babies ROCK!
Quote: Originally Posted by isisreturning so, even though i am NOT glad that either of us is dealing with babes with cancer, i AM glad to have found your post. perhaps we can be of support to one another. . ~isis Hey mama! Glad you found this thread! Have you checked out www.caringbridge.org? Gabe's page isn't current but alot of other mamas find it a great way to keep everyone uptodate with what's going on... Gabe is doing really well...
Quote: Originally Posted by 2boyzmama What are they testing for, if you don't mind sharing Nijmegen Breakage Syndrome... which isn't somethin you'd want to have... Send us some good vibes/prayers as they'll draw some blood for the test Jan 3rd... and then the wait begins...
I'm subbing too! Getting cold here in TX!:
I'm subing! --- Haven't had time to read the whole thread but have enjoyed it so far.... I've been raised Catholic, and haven't been as close to God as I'd like... I think he's calling me back. It's wonderful that we live in an age where the internet can help people with their faith!
Quote: Originally Posted by spero You are absolutely right. The Sacrament is present through our desire & faith, and God's grace. The ritual is the celebration of that already-present desire and grace, and a ritual in itself will never produce a Sacrament. Wow... that's really well worded. Thank you!
Yes!!! My MIL mailed us some cookies on the 17th and they just arrived today the 22nd!
Thanks mamas... DS is going to be tested this week (blood test) for a very rare genetic condition ( that would cause all of his special traits...) at least then I'd have a name and know what to expect for his future...
My little guy 18mths has cancer (leukemia)... just wanted to know if there are any other MDC mamas dealing with this as their special need? My son also has some other "special" traits... polydactly, microcephaly... anyone?
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