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after baby #1, I very slowly started introducing other foods around 6mths... I started ovulating and "caught that first egg" at 9mths PP... so #2 was concieved (no real nipple tenderness perhaps a slight drop in milk...) I continued to nurse throughout the pregnancy and then was tandem nursing...I got PP AF at 9mths (while nursing 2 ....) I had started #2 on a small amount of solids at 6mths.... I concieved #3 about 12mths after #2 was born... Every mom is...
I POAS yesterday... probably DPo 10... No biggie that it was negative.... I don't think my fertility has returned yet,... but it's so nice to think about babies....:
I would love it! pistachio ice cream
Klenexx sausage or mushrooms on your pizza?
True! We're watching Rudolfh the red nosed reindeer on nbc!! then frosty! The person below me is ordering pizza to be delivered (just like us!)
I'm waiting to POAS! I haven't gotten PPAF yet (but I never saw her between DS1 and DD...so..) but, I'm thinking that my hormones are gearing up to start ovulating again or maybe I've got a little stowaway.... I'm only 7 days from DTD (perhaps 5-7 DPO)....I'm planning on testing on Monday.... I'm thinking it just my hormones starting to return my fertility thats giving me some early preggie symptoms....: I've always wanted four......:
Huggggs! I have to be brief .... baby starting to wake.... I know that tremondous desire for a baby... I just rationalize that nobody ever "wishes they didn't have their child" they only wish they had had one more.... but that's the female prespective... men are very concerned with finances and they're "wired" to think differerntly from us... Hug the ones you have~! And who knows what your future holds.............
Quote: Originally Posted by loomweaver How about: This crowd has gone deadly silent, a Cinderella story out of nowhere. Former greenskeeper and now about to become the masters champion. CADDYSHACK!!!! My husband is always quoting that movie! "Just keep swimming, just keep swimming, swimming, swimming, swimming....." - a great mantra for a "difficult" day with toddlers!:
Sneeze ( I love to do it LOUD)....: mashed potatoes or stuffing
mango lemon or lime?
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