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My DCs are sleeping I have one dog I need to go drink some H2O Tomorrow I have to clean and organize my house!
leave my car unlocked forget to wash my hands walk around barefoot TTYWND while at the zoo with your kids
too small girdle (the shoes would give me blisters! I rather just not breathe ) WYR have Thanksgiving dinner at your house or the relatives'?
Love it! Magaritas.... (the drink --- that's what I wanted the whole time I was preggie with DD and then once she was born,... I lost my interst)
True (how did you know I forgot to buy dishwashing soap while shopping today?) TPBM drinks a cup of coffee every morning!
Harry Potter??? right? Probably the first one (I think that's the only one I saw ) during that contest where they had to catch the flying ball? Oh,,, maybe not>:
Let them blossom (.. until DH remarks that I'm "soft and furry like a squirrel"?!?!) Brownie or sugar cookie?
log off and go put my printed photos into the album Ten years from now ....
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