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Sometimes a sudden change in your nursing pattern can get it to come back. If you cut out feedings and stretch out the length of time baby goes without nursing it might be enough to get it back. It worked with my oldest dd. I tried to go a long stretch without nursing once she was 1 and it worked. I tend to get mine back when baby is at least a certain age and I am going a long stretch either during the day or night without nursing. 
She doesn't have a cold right now and she isn't teething right now. Her molars already came in. She did bite her lip when this started but it seems healed now. I haven't gotten engorged at all even though she usually nurses so I wonder if my supply dropped suddenly. I have been on my cycles and do not have af right now. 
DD is 17 months and was still nursing. She wasn't constantly asking to nurse but she usually asks about twice during the day and at bedtime. Two nights ago she didn't want to nurse which is really out of character for her. Once her pjs are on she has nursing on the mind and nothing else will do. The next night she tried latching after not nursing that day and she couldn't latch. She was fine with me holding her and putting her to bed without nursing. The next day she...
I'm actually in Anchorage and I guess I was talking about oversight programs. The ones I know of are Raven and Family Partnership Charter School. I don't really know the differences between what is available and what the technical terms are. I don't mind going over curriculum with someone and coming up with a plan and making sure I meet district standards and I definitely would like to get the money but I wondering the differences between commitments and what is required...
Ok thanks what are the differences between the different co-ops? 
I had questions about this too! I am also considering homeschooling dd who will be eligible for kindergarten in the fall. I am 50/50 at this point. I am applying for charters and alternative programs and doing a trial run of kindergarten. I really like homeschooling more than I thought. I heard that the cost of going through a co op was almost as much as the allotment you get since you have to meet with the teacher. I have an idea of what I want to do with dd but I don't...
I delivered at providence and I was happy with my experience. The respected my wishes and were baby friendly. The LCs are really good and knowledgable and actually gave good advice. They now give a breastfeeding bag that has useful stuff. I found the room size to be adequate.
I end up doing the religious exemption again and I did use the form in that booklet. I was worried about the reaction to a religious exemption since it was a church preschool but they took it. It was too much money to do the medical
I think it can go both ways. I think some parents probably do cause separation anxiety in their children. Some parents coddle their children and tend to be helicopter parents who think their child can do no wrong and some children just have a hard time even though the parents encourage independence gentle and at the child's pace. Kids are ready for academics by 7 and 8. They do need recess and gym and time to run around and be kids but they also need more than just a play...
They don't even need a physical and I can get that it is the medical exemption I don't know what to do about or where to get it.
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