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I second the "Playful Parenting" recommendation.  I have been at my wit's end with my extremely strong-willed almost 3 year old, and it has made a significant difference.  I'm a total convert!
So I had decided to use the tax refund this year to finally get a will done for my DH and I. I have not spoken with a lawyer yet, as I was thinking of just using LegalZoom. Anyone BTDT? Pros or Cons either way?
I agree with some of what chimomma said. I really don't think she meant any disrespect when she was calling you "so and so's mom or wife of DH". In the african culture I am familiar with, that is how every woman is addressed. I also wouldn't get too bent out of shape about her insisting on calling the kids by their african names. She may be trying to make sure that some of her culture gets into the mix, you know? Same as chimomma was saying. I do find it bizarre she...
I left my 21 month old at home with DH for a 7 day trip this autumn, and he did just fine. I had been away for a night or two several times for work functions previous to that. He turns two in a week, and he is still nursing strong!
So, I think we are going to break down and buy a new fridge. We have a top freezer right now, which I like. My husband wants a water dispenser, which only seems to be found in side by sides. My mom has a side by side, and I am not impressed. The freezer space just seems impossible to use. What do you have, and why do you/ don't you like it? Thanks!
I am surprised the teacher doesn't want you hanging around, if it would help your DS not cry all day. Before i read that, I was going to suggest just going over there and hanging out with him for an hour or so, on a day you won't be leaving him there. Maybe if he had a good time with you around, it will help him get used to it.
go go go! i totally believe that the time you spend recharging will be priceless for your whole family. and it will be great bonding for your DH and LO. have fun! nak
another vote for a kenmore canister and against the dyson. my mom has a dyson and i HATE using it. whenever i use it i always think to myself "this was designed by a man who has never vacuumed anything in his life." it just seems very user unfriendly (whenever i try to use the hose i can never get it back together afterwards). i grew up using the kenmore canisters in a house with carpet and hardwood and it got the job done. i have a panasonic upright and i am waiting...
Wow! We have been buying buffalo quarters for the last couple of years. This year we are paying $3.40/lb for hot hanging weight. I didn't realize what a good deal we are getting! (and i think buffalo is so much tastier/healthier than beef!)
You can totally do this! I went back to work part time when DS was 4 months, and full time at 5 months. He is now 16 months and I really don't think it affects him much at all. I second the co-sleeping for getting some good quality time. We co-slept most nights until he started sleeping better around a year old. We still do occasionally, when he has a rough night. He is a very attached, happy little boy.
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