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Ditto on the exhaustion.  I'm sleeping well... always been a skill of mine... but I am feeling exhaustion on a level that is brand new to me.  So strange.  It is really the only thing reminding me that I am pregnant.  Well, that, and the fact that my pants are all too tight.
  Thank you Rachel... I have been doing some irrigation.  Thankfully the worst seems to have passed now.  I did use a little bit of nasal spray with decongestant in it.  The doctor that confirmed the pregnancy said it was safe but I hated to take it.  I'm feeling terrible that I took that and Tylenol during such a fragile stage of development.    I meet with the midwife I hope to use for the birth soon... hopefully she will confirm that I haven't done anything terrible....
Hi there!  I'm Terra, 30 y/o, I got a BFP last week and had it confirmed at the doctor today.  I'm estimating my due date to be 11/21/11 based on the date of conception... I really wasn't keeping track of my cycle .  This is our second (DD is 2 yrs 3 mos).  DH and I have been discussing having another for months.. and were considering fostering to adopt.  ONE NIGHT we threw caution to the wind... and here we are.  I'm very very excited, but nervous about breaking it to...
Our two year old takes a supplement.  I've always turned my nose up at vitamins for myself, feeling like they were a bit silly if you're eating a well balanced diet and living a healthy lifestyle, which I try to do.  But when I was pregnant I re-examined my thinking.  I don't believe that a daily multi-vitamin is going to do any damage and that few people have a diet so spectacularly well rounded that they can't benefit from a daily supplement.  I say go for it.
Mine is 17 months and hasn't night weaned yet. I've tried a few times, but either she isn't ready, or I'm not fed-up enough to make it happen. She usually wakes up once (maybe twice) to nurse. It is waaaay easier for me to nurse her than to do anything else. Actually, this is our only feed left now and I am curious to see how long it will last.
My family is moving to Bellingham in June too! You might be interested in the Bellingham Cooperative School, in addition to part-time and full-time schooling, they offer home school support.
Thanks mtbmomma! I will definitely look into the community college.
Got your message - thank you!
I should mention that I will be working downtown and we are not sure where we will be living yet. The places I am interested in, so far, are: Bellingham Cooperative School A Loving Space Preschool Blossom Childcare & Learning Center YMCA The last two are the ones I think I would most like to hear comments on, as I am the least sure about them. They both take children at a younger age and do the whole day thing. So, I guess they are truly daycare centers, while...
I am a native of Western Washington and my family and I are moving to Bellingham by way of Bangkok this summer. It will be our first time living in the area and I am trying to sort out childcare options for our, now, 17 month old daughter. I will be going back to work 4 days/week and my husband will be staying at home with her at least through the rest of the year, and possibly longer. Still, we are looking into part-time preschool/daycare and, especially, any place...
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