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Quote: Originally Posted by MujerMamaMismo Geez I hope the whole 9 months aren't full of this anxiety! 9 months? I hope the next 20 years aren't full of this anxiety!!!
Erin - so sorry for your scariness... I hope everything turns out alright.:
Went to Laos for a long and lazy weekend... Wasn't able to be as meticulous as my diet as I would be at home but at it got me to think about something besides whether or not I am going to miscarry for a few days!! Husband pointed out this might be one of our last vacations without a child in tow... what a weird thought.
I thought I would start a thread for us first timers. This is my first pregnancy - and, hopefully, will be my first child. I'm still having a lot of trouble registering the fact that this is real but am committing myself to super healthy eating nonetheless. At the same time I am trying not to get too too excited and prepare myself in case things don't go as planned. I think my biggest stress this week has been exercising. I really want to stick to my morning routine...
I'm just about 5.5 weeks. The most prominent symptom has been feeling bloated and full all the time (doc said this is because my stomach is taking a long to digest everything I eat - trying to eek out every last nutrient!!). Boobs hurt a bit but not much - they don't usually hurt during menstruation so this a new thing for me. Been pretty tired but no morning sickness yet... any chance this means I will escape it all together???
I went in for my first doctor appointment last week and the results got me worried. This is my first pregnancy so I have no idea what I should be expecting. The doctor estimated I was nearly 6 weeks along based on LMP although I explained that my periods are usually upwards of 38 days long so I felt pretty sure I was only a little over 4 weeks. Doctor did blood work and ultrasound. Pregnancy hormone levels were around 300 but ultrasound revealed nothing in the uterus. ...
Thanks for doing this! You can list my dd as December 2nd.
Any suggestions on a book for a first time dad? My husband has been asking for one but they all look a bit silly...
This is my first pregnancy and frankly I'm bursting to tell!! I'm going to try hard to wait to tell our parents until our ultrasound in a couple weeks (I'll be seven weeks at that point). It's a bit easier for me not to tell with all my friends and family being on the other side of the globe - but I agree that I don't like to lie so I've told a couple of friends here -- last night we went to dinner and everyone ordered raw oysters - my favorite - it was nice to have a...
Hi all. I'm Terra. After four months of TTC hubby and I got a positive test result last week. It will be our first - hopefully!! In January we moved from Seattle to Bangkok so am still learning the ropes of my adopted city. Wish family could here for the next nine months but will be glad to share it with all of you.
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