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aha! found it!!! thank you both!! http://jansjoyousjungle.com/parentchild.html
YES YES THAT ONE!! I want it so bad!
It is such a beautiful poem that I read many years ago, one of the lines goes like this: "if your child is upset, give him some water" ahhhh lol something along the lines. More like give him a shower sort of thing. It's about having patience with our children and a good poem to keep in the refrigerator door as a reminder! help pls! thanks!
my son is about to turn 19 months old and no problems at all!
hey Rachele it's me Enith!
I have told the centers as well. I will be sending the intact care video with the PDFs I have.
I don't know how people keep a circ'ed baby clean because I suppose stuff gets into the urethra, yikes! My boy never had an issue with poop in there, it's soooo easy. Actually, way easier than my girls - NO KIDDING!! I hope you are able to keep your future sons intact, like the saying: "Two wrong don't make one right." There are MANY mamas like you in this forum, so you are welcome to stick around!
I will do this yes but it may need to be posted in the Spanish boards, mothering has one! I will work on this..
I am so sorry am i too late???
My daughters used to get their tip of their genitals red too. It's normal and a natural reaction to soiled diapers, the skin is doing its job. Just make sure you soak him in baking soda baths. it's soothing.
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