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Quote: Originally Posted by Ruthla I wonder if there were a lot of adult circs being performed on the dads around the time infant circ became popular. I remember my Grandpa telling me this story, about when he joined the Navy during WWII. All the non-Jewish men (who hadn't been circumcised in infancy) were literally doubled over in pain for 3 days after their circs. I don't know if the entire Navy did this, or just his unit, but as far as he knew, all...
You might ask your professor this question: if foreskins were truly a source of infection in need of amputation, then how did they survive the evolutionary process? You are right! Circumcision in America started as a way to cure masturbation. By curing masturbation, the Victorians believed that they were promoting moral hygiene and, in turn, phyiscal cleanness. In a nutshell, this became the root of the hygiene argument. Prior to Victorian sexual hysteria, when people...
Hi Everyone, The survey is now closed. Thank all for your help and participation.
Quote: Originally Posted by eepster The practice became routine during the post WW2 baby boom. Before that while it had a lot of support, birth wasn't as institutionalized. During the 40s, 50s, 60s and into the early 70s it was done automatically without notifying the parents or obtaining consent. Obviously during this time the circ rate was quite high. In the 70s doctors became required to obtain consent before circ'ing. The circ rate actually...
I'm going to close the survey this weekend. Thank you for all of your insightful responses. If you interested and still have not posted, please do so by Saturday. Again, thanks everyone and a happy Thanksgiving.
I was not there, but I will say that a little manipulation of the foreskin does not cause any damage. It's very durable tissue, and I know that checking the urethra opening is standard procedure in an infant's checkup. With that said, I think your best bet is to mention to your physician that you are not comfortable with him/her touching your son's genitals without your permission.
Bumping this again.
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