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Thanks for all the answers ladies!! well, it turns out we're definitely having a GIRL!!! We're over the moon as now we have both, and she'll have 2 big brothers which is what I always wanted :)
I know what you mean hun. I got those exact same comments before I knew this LO was a girl (we already have 2 boys). And now we know, when people ask and we tell them the first thing most people say is 'FINALLY!!' as if now I can be happy :shrug
Sorry you didn't get a better reaction :hugs: it's difficult to understand why some people just can't be happy for you :hugs:
I had painful prodromal labor for weeks before having ds2.. he ended up coming on his due date!
this happened to my Gran (about 60 years ago!) She was pregnant and lost the baby :( but little did she know the baby in fact had a twin! She felt the baby move a few months later and it was confirmed she was pregnant.. and went on to have my Aunt!
I've been getting them a lot this week :)
  Here are my pics (very blurry) what do you girls think? http://i742.photobucket.com/albums/xx61/GurkyLovesApples/ultrasound%20pics%2016%20weeks/P1110086-1.jpg http://i742.photobucket.com/albums/xx61/GurkyLovesApples/ultrasound%20pics%2016%20weeks/P1110076.jpg   thanks xx
Huge congratulations to Tourng and Mal85 on your girls and Talktomenow and LunaLady on your girls!!!   I've been on a rollercoaster ride the last week or so.. I was told most likely a boy last Monday... then I couldn't stand the not knowing and got a private scan on Wednesday. Got a total shock when the lady said we're having a girl!!! she was 100% sure.. but I'm still skeptical! So we're having another private scan this Friday to know once and for all! The stress...
I think maybe he does need to be played with more. I have a 5 year old and a 2.5 year old. My 5 year old can play beautifully by himself, but he plays with his brother pretty much all the time, proving that kids rather have company to play rather than amusing themselves...   and I agree to get him to help out with the household chores.. when you do anything like that get him to help you :) good luck hun! x
I just found out we're having another little boy. Was really hoping for a girl so am trying to get my head around it right now and trying to be excited about my LO.
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